Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Noah's Miracle: Holiday Playpak by Firefly Giveaway!

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Firefly has launched two great new products.  To celebrate the holiday season, Noah's Miracle is giving away a Playpak to one of our lucky readers!

The Playpak is Packed with Activities!
This lightweight little bag contains an entire activity center. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports (designed by clinical experts) that stick together in dozens of ways and let your child tackle different develop mental postures.

The Playpak also comes with a handy online therapy program, featuring advice and easy-to-use instructions that will show you how to use each clever little piece to create different sitting and lying positions, as well as how to preform all the recommended developmental games with your child. 

The Playpak is also light, handy and can travel anywhere!  It is also easy to store, hang and is very durable and able to handle squishing, squashing and bashing. 

Features and Benefits:
1) Lightweight, foldable bag/mat design 

2) Easily adjustable shoulder strap
3) Five handy storage pockets
4) Five colorful postural support elements
5) Non-slip grip on base of bag
6) Stylish, fun and easy to use
7) Durable, machine washable materials
8) Colorful loops for attaching favorite toys
9) Super sticky velcro strips for added stability
10) Soft velcro cloud

Firefly is committed to family participation and the Playpak lets you play a bigger part in your child’s therapy.  Research shows early intervention programs that allow therapists and parents to work together, like Playpak does, make a bigger impact on a child’s development. The Playpak online guide will show you how to ‘mix and match’ Playpak components in three key therapeutic positions, which form the basis for later abilities - back lying, tummy lying and floor sitting. 

Check out this amazing video of Noah's little friend Charlotte using the Playpak.  It will fill your heart with joy: (don't forget to disable Noah's blog music on the right hand side of his page prior to viewing)

1 winner will be chosen Saturday, December 6th, 2014!

The details to enter are below!  

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Happy Holidays!  
Thank you for being a reader of our journey with Noah.

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