Saturday, February 14, 2015

Things to Love

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Valentine's Day... a day filled with chocolates, flowers and dinner dates.  Love is in the air.  But for a special needs parent our focus of love is on other things.  Our heart can burst out of our chest and it requires no intervention from Cupid.  
Noah's Valentine's Day Masterpiece
Although Noah was having a moody week and rough nights that resulted ending up at the doctor's office for any ideas on trouble shooting my lack of being able to diagnose his problems,  he has been busy working hard at therapy, and accomplishing new things.  This week he painted a Valentine's Day heart by selecting colors on his Tobii Eye Gaze Communication Device.  His speech therapist placed a paper cut out heart at the bottom of a shoebox and would squirt the colors Noah picked and placed marbles in the box and closed the lid and allowed Noah to hit the box around with both arms.  The end result was a beautiful piece of artwork designed completely by Noah.  I happen to think that it could fetch a small fortune at any art gallery.   Noah is currently entertaining any serious bidder.

He's also been enjoying as much time as we'll allow him on his communication device.  We rather let him navigate what he wants to do.  Sometimes he wants to talk - sometimes like any other child, he simply wants to play.   He doesn't realize that his play is also designed to assist him in furthering his eye gaze communication skills.  It's a win-win for us. 

Noah also successfully licked his very first Valentine lollipop until it was completely gone.  In the past Noah didn't quite have the oral coordination for lollipops and would attempt to bite them - which made me nervous as that could be a choking hazard.  So I took a break for a long while knowing his chompers were strong.  But today, almost as if just magically understood the goal, he sucked it without ever attempting to bite, lick after lick using his tongue appropriately like any typical person would.   Likely the sweetest thing you could ever imagine.  And a huge accomplishment for him.  And boy was he ever so happy about it.
And if I couldn't love this Valentine's Day anymore... Noah and his little brother played ball together.  Real baseball with real gloves and mitts.  Luke tossing a velcro baseball into Noah's little baseball glove and Noah trying to give it back to Luke.  Engaging with each other as if Noah had no limitations.  It was so precious to witness those two together.  They have the strongest bond and are the best of friends.  I thank God for Luke everyday.  Noah needs him.   And their relationship is a beautiful thing to watch. 
Although gifts and cards filled with mushy messages are what first comes to mind when you think of Valentine's Day... I have things so much more to love.


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