Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nessie & The Miracle Mat

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When we ordered Noah's first Nessie along with his PPod from Specialised Orthotic Services, I under estimated how big Noah was and ordered him a small one.  While it never fit Noah super well I did find ways to make good use of it, for as long as I could.  When you have a child like Noah positioning of any kind is always helpful - even it if it's something that is a bit on the small side.  Two years later, Noah graduated from the small Nessie into a large!  

For those unfamiliar with what a Nessie is and does:

"Nessie provides a novel approach to positioning during therapy simplifying the practicalities around such activities for therapists, parents and carers. The established range of primary positions associated with physical play therapy can all be achieved using NESSIE. This can include ‘tummy time’, sitting, side sitting and side lying. NESSIE is easily transported around, so you can always have it available at any time. The covers are removable and washable. The unique contours of NESSIE allow safe secure positioning."

And along with it came the Miracle Mat.  A customized embroidered soft mat that reminds the both of us to never give up on miracles.  It might sound silly, but that mat holds a lot of powerful significance.  It was an unexpected personal touch that represents the continued miracles in Noah's life.  Physically, he continues to work hard in therapies, working on gaining head, neck and trunk support, trying to learn to brace himself to sit if only for mere seconds at a time, trying to weight bear and hold his legs steady and straight in an assisted standing position.  He never gives up, and he never grows tired of trying.  His perseverance is amazing.

Noah's new Nessie also has another great feature that his smaller one didn't have.  It has a removable EVA foam cover that is fantastic to have on the Nessie to protect it from Noah's occasional drooling when he's on his tummy.  Easy to wipe clean.  It is the same foam material that his SOS bath seat is made out of and it's really great material.  Not only is it comfortable but it's really durable.  The new Nessie is heavy, but incredibly sturdy.  There is no way that it would ever tip over or move. 

The first few times Noah used it he actually was able to go from his tummy and flip himself over into a semi-propped seated position.  It gave him just the support he needed in order for him to find a different way to position himself.  It also is fantastic for encouraging Noah to look up and lift his head to work on head and neck control, while still offering him a soft landing for when his head and arms need to take a break.

There isn't one single product that hasn't just been absolutely incredible that we use for Noah from SOS.  In fact, I continue to hope and pray more than I can ever tell you that their merge with Drive Medical will eventually result in Specialised Orthotic Service's entire line being available for USA purchase and insurance funding.  I still dream of being able to get Noah the T-Max Shower/Toilet chair and the MSI Seating  System and Sleep Pod.  Right now the only products available for US sale are the P Pod, Nessie, Equipoise, Bath Seat and our Toilet/shower Seating System. Although, I don't think any of them carry an insurance code as of yet, so it's out of pocket costs.  It's my hope that Noah's Medicaid waiver will assist me in the new year with the roller base for Noah's PPod so we can roll him around the house without having to take him out of it to go room to room.

SOS also has great customer service and are really wonderful to work with.  I've enjoyed all my contact with them.  They are so prompt in answering my questions and helping guide me on making the best fit choices for Noah.  I appreciate their help, kindness and love for children like Noah, immensely.


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