Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SweedieKids is Sweet!

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If you have a child like Noah, chances are you still have a need for bibs.  And not just any bib - but a bib that can go the distance.  While we still use a large amount of disposable baby bibs (which are quickly becoming too small for Noah) during meal times, we still use cloth bibs for all his drink breaks.  Noah doesn't drool constantly, sometimes when he's excited or has been laying in one position too long, so we don't use them throughout the entire day.  But, bibs are a very much a part of Noah's everyday life.  I'm always on the hunt for cute bibs that have style and character, ones that work well, and ones that will fit a child of Noah's age. 

We've been playing with some SweedieKids Bibs for Noah lately.  I like that they carry an XL bib which works well for Noah.  His problem isn't so much neck size but the length that we need a bib to be to cover as much of his clothing as possible.  Noah like a lot of children who have Cerebral Palsy with athetoid movements can get quite messy at meal times and while drinking because his arms are always swinging.  He gets food on us, the floor, himself... his clothes... the dogs fur is even plastered with food occasionally.  So bibs are huge or we could otherwise go through multiple outfits a day.

I really like that SweedieKids even incorporates their clients into their product, even asking them to help pick out their own line!  Every successful business and vendor hat really listens to the special needs community that they serve will inevitably find loyal and ongoing customers.  SweedieKids washes up really nicely and doesn't fade like many flannel printed bibs do after being washed.  I also really love that SweedieKids gives back to the special needs community and donates $1 of every purchase to a charitable organization benefiting those with special needs.   (Did I also happen to mention the owners grew up in Sweeden?  Hence he name SweedieKids).   And their customer service is exceptional, they are always very prompt to respond and address any questions or concerns. 

I also love that SweedieKids will ship their product all over the world.  I wish all businesses that made products for the special needs community would do that.  I have a long list of things that I would love to obtain for Noah that I have no way getting here from across the pond. 

So you're probably wondering with everyone making a bib these days what makes SweedieKids special....

*First they use a really soft jersey knit fabric, that stretches and gives as the child moves.
*The way the bib drapes in the front assists with catching drool, liquids, or dissolved foods that seep out of a child's mouth
*The bibs have three layers to make sure it is extra absorbent; a jersey knit front, a sweatshirt flannel for the back, and a middle layer fabric made from recycled bottles
*The bibs are available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large

I hope that SweedieKids continues to grow and expand their line... perhaps even designing something for us moms and dads, like a stylish apron/cover while we're feeding our child that has athetoid movements... wink... wink.... or even a large square bib that really covers more of the child's clothing or a slip into bib with sleeves! 

Noah pictured in an X-Large SweedieKids Bib
Noah's new SweedieKids Bib is part of their Limited edition Valentine's Collection.  And true to the bib's print, Noah loves it!

SweedieKids gets and A++++
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