Sunday, November 1, 2009

Noah's First Halloween

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Noah had a wonderful time on his very First Halloween. His daddy played with him while I carved his three little pumpkins. One was a Noah's Ark pumpkin, another a mommy pumpkin and the third a cute little bat. I must have been terribly out of carving practice since I gave my fingers blisters carving.

His grandma brought us a country rib and corn bread dinner with a pumpkin cheesecake baked by his grandpa so we could enjoy the evening with Noah without having the extra worry of cooking while getting Noah gathered and in his first Halloween costume.

Noah was a little monkey for Halloween. I wasn't sure if he was going to like being in his costume or not. But he seemed to really enjoy it. He laughed and smiled and seemed eager to figure out what was next. Chris and I went out just as the sun had set so it was early enough for him not to get too fussy. We went to our neighbor Sue and Mike's house first. They have a really beautiful great dane and I think Noah was truly fascinated by him since he's so used to just looking at our little dogs. Noah also got to see his first kitty cat at their house too. I'm not sure he knew exactly what it was, but he knew it wasn't a puppy dog. Noah is full of curiosity about everything, and fears almost nothing.

After we left our neighbors we went to three other close by houses in the neighborhood, Noah's mini little basket got filled up to the brim. Noah knew that the basket belonged to him and I could tell his eyes kept getting wider and his mouth narrowed with excitement. When we got home we put him on the floor and dumped out his gatherings and he just played in them, all his prizes.

It was so great to be out in the world participating just like any other parent with Noah. I read Noah's friends' updates daily, we all share the same struggles, pain and joys. His friend MaKenzie's mom shared some of the pain that accompanies the feelings of being different at Halloween yesterday. As parents of special needs children we want so badly to have them participate just like any other child and often times what should be a normal event that any child participates in becomes something that is calculated, stressful, and hard.

The Sunday Toys R Us advertisement booklet had three special needs children models in it today. A little girl in a pink wheel chair looking through a telescope, and two down syndrome children. I thought it was wonderful. It's sending a fantastic message. I don't know if the average parent would notice such a thing or what they'd think of it even. But for special needs families it makes us feel like our children are included.

I've posted some pictures of Noah's first Halloween below. Chris and I remain very thankful that God allowed us to come this far, to share such sweet firsts with our little Noah.

Stacy, Chris & Noah