Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scatter Kindness & Gather Love

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Noah had his occupational therapy Monday and he did pretty good. I think he put on a better show last week with his pumpkin pie eating, but Julie always has such patience with Noah's various moods. Noah is great about vocalizing when he's had enough of something and Julie is always quick to move on to something else to make his day happier. Julie is so very sweet and tender with Noah.

Noah needed a distraction to focus so we went and watched some other children doing their therapies in the big room. Julie of course being so very thoughtful even asked me if I felt comfortable with Noah joining the big room since we're trying to keep Noah germ free. It wasn't overly crowded and everyone seemed very healthy, but it was so nice that she asked, even though I really didn't give it much of a second thought. They have such respect for their parents at therapy. They never tell you your worries are too small, never make you feel like a shrinking violet when you just simply need to express you're having a rough day, they allow you the freedom to express your pain, and they genuinely share and celebrate our small achievements.

I've found tremendous joy and comfort over starting the holidays early. I put up both Christmas trees, one for Noah with little children's ornaments on it and one in the great room. I've never in my life started putting Christmas up so soon, but it feels fantastic, I'm excited and Noah's loving it.

I also heard today that Noah will be getting a visit from Santa at home! I am beyond over the moon about it. It was my family's tradition to always have Santa come to the house every year with a little bag of candy for me and my brother. I had to enter a lottery for Santa to come to our home, and I got the call today that we are winners! Santa is coming - a dream come true. It's going to be a very magical moment. Noah's grandma bought him a very special yard decoration, it's a inflatable Noah's Ark, it's the cutest thing ever, and quite fitting for our little Noah and his first Christmas at home. She also got him a snow globe that swirls continuously with music and his very first train set to go around the tree. He is fascinated. He loves the lights, and music and it's making my day so much easier because there are so many new things to show him.

Chris and Noah spent at least a half hour just sitting peacefully watching the train go round and round. Noah anticipating it coming around the corner for him to see each time. It was precious. I love the moments where I lose myself in bliss.

Noah got his very first "special card" today from his therapist Beth, I was so excited for him. Especially sweet since she had been the one to inspire the idea. She's always full of such positive energy and thought, and it's great to share concerns about Noah's development with her.
I found myself once again hunting the internet upon finding that one of Noah's bottom baby teeth is coming in discolored or almost black at the tip. From what I could find it could be a variety of things, and there apparently are a lot of moms that have kids with the same problem, which seemed comforting. I know it's not teeth rot, as Noah can't hold a bottle in the night, nor has he had enough sugar to cause that. Some articles said it was more likely from excessive iron deposits, general staining, or a result of medications or antibiotics that he was given during his hospital stay. In any event it sounds like something I don't need to worry too much over as it will not have any influence on his permanent teeth. I also stumbled on two sites that had some positive stories about children with HIE injuries at the time of birth. All underwent brain cooling, one little girl was without oxygen 14 minutes, while another boy was without oxygen 30 minutes, both today are leading normal lives, without any signs anything ever happened. I'd like to hold out hope that will be the case for Noah too. Of course I don't know if they met milestones on time or not, or if they looked like Noah in anyway as far as development. I know every person with a brain injury is different. Noah will get better, I just wonder sometimes how much better? Will he ever learn to sit, crawl, walk and talk? I keep waiting for him to learn to sit, but we feel so far away from that still, and we're fast approaching his first birthday, it feels like a race against time to see how much we can accomplish before his second birthday when all seems almost predetermined by then.

With the holidays coming I've seen so many organizations donating and gathering resources to help those in need. I can't express enough how important it is to help others. Without all the kindness and help we received we could not have made it this far. We remain eternally grateful. Please remember to give if you see the people ringing the bells, or if you get an offer in the mail to help provide a meal, or to help at your local church, it means so much to people in need. If you can help it could make all the difference in someone's life.

Thank you to all that continue to leave such sweet messages of support, encouragement and love for Noah in his guestbook, they mean so much to us.

I found this saying on a notepad I have and thought it was sweet:

"Scatter kindness and gather love"

Stacy, Chris & Noah