Thursday, January 21, 2010

Noah Loves Sprouts

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I was able to get out this weekend with my dear close friend Heather. It was the first time I had really been away from Noah for any type of personal leisurely time since his birth. Chris watched him so that I could have a little break. It was wonderful. Heather and I had coffee and then of course our attention quickly turned to our sons who are always on our minds and we headed to Children's Palace where she helped me find some britches that would fit Noah's tiny waist. We window shopped and just chatted about all the normal small things that one would talk about in a day. It was a refreshing normal feeling, so distant from how my life is now. I blended in just like a regular person, not a mom filled with heartache. Heather always takes such tender care of me and my heart and she has the most happy, upbeat personality that always makes you smile.

We had a bit of confusion with Noah's therapy this week so he didn't go Wednesday. But we have a make up session later in the week. We got his platform swing that was on back-order that Two Angels helped get for us. Chris put it up and did a great job, but the platform swing is much smaller than what we use in therapy so it doesn't allow for us to swing forward and back. It swings much like a regular swing that you would pump with your legs. Up and down, and so I wind up holding Noah on my lap rather than allowing him to sit independently with assistance like he does at therapy. But although it isn't exactly what I had thought it was going to be like, I remain very thankful that someone even cared enough to help us. Any type of therapy equipment is near impossible for us to obtain on our own. I imagine it will work better for Noah when he is a bit older and can possibly learn to swing himself.

My mom also ordered us the Anat Baniel Method Special Needs DVD and had it sent to us. It was such a wonderful surprise and I've been watching and learning during Noah's naps. I think the method is really promising. And I'm very excited to keep my knowledge growing and my mind open to changes that the body can teach the brain. I feel most at ease when I feel like I'm constantly doing something that will improve Noah's quality of life. It helps me distance myself from all the skeptism about Noah not being able to make great advances. For in my heart and in my mind I must find a way to stay true to the belief that all things still remain possible. His miracle is not done.

This was Noah's first week of trying the new baby food, called Sprout Baby, that I ordered for him. It is absolutely fantastic. Tyler Florence from the Food network made this line of baby food, and it is really gourmet for a baby. I highly recommend it. It tastes amazing. Noah actually even ate green beans and peas, something he hasn't done since he was about seven months old. He quickly boycotted most vegetables. But the green beans and peas had this great subtle hint of mint and was very appealing. There hasn't been one that he hasn't liked yet. Although it's a little more expensive, especially because he eats 3-4 packets a day, he seems to be enjoying it a lot more.

Noah had his second therapy session with his new occupational therapist, Susan. It is going tremendously well. Noah is responding to her wonderfully, and I'm so thrilled with his responses to her. She must have that Noah magic touch. He seems to really enjoy her company, her touch, and the toys she lets him play with. And she agrees he is super close to getting those tiny little hands to his mouth. It will happen, I'm not sure when, but he is so determined, he tries and tries all day long. Eventually his brain will be able to make that little connection.

Chris and I took Noah to the store tonight, we needed just a handful of things, as we shop in little spurts when we can. This was Noah's second good attempt at the grocery cart. His body finally wanted to lean forward and he wanted to bring his head along with it. I still had to hold his head in the back because it still had the occasional tendency to go backwards and look at the ceiling, but I could feel him try to bring himself forward more than ever before tonight. A super big effort for him. He's giving it all he has.

Thank you to all those that continue to hold Noah so close in your thoughts and prayers. It means so much to our family.

Stacy, Chris & Noah