Thursday, January 14, 2010

Noah Loving Elmo...

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Sweet Smile
Driving my plush car

Noah on his Lamaze Tummy Gadget

Noah got a great surprise this week. A very special person in the UK found such amazing love for Noah and sent him a very special seat called the babystation. It was a dream to be able to obtain it, something I had given up on being able to get thinking it was out of reach. Each person that we have been blessed to know on our journey has played such a beautiful part in Noah's recovery. The babystation has been wonderful in allowing Noah to sit on the ground with support and play. It molds very nicely to his body. I wish they sold it here in the US, I think it would be beneficial for so many little babies.
We brought Noah's DVD player loaded with mommy's secret weapon... Elmo, to therapy yesterday. Thankfully, our physical therapist had no objections and it was the distraction that Noah needed that day to focus in therapy. Elmo is Noah's all time favorite right now and I'm so thankful that his grandma supplied him with a portable DVD player and some videos. It has made life easier in the last few weeks. Noah met his new occupational therapist today. Her name is Susan, and I really like her gentle ways. More importantly though, Noah responded wonderfully to her. She had such a loving way of holding him, much like how is own grandma fusses about him and holds him. I think he found it familiar. I thought we'd need an Elmo distraction today so I came prepared and armed with a DVD, but he was way more interested in Susan and some great pom poms she gave him. I must acquire some for home. I knew Noah loved curly Christmas bows, so of course he'd love pom poms, which never crossed my mind before.
He even was his typical social self today, flirting with whomever would pay him a glance. I detect Susan is going to be in Noah's corner all the way, she never once said Noah won't or can't do something. And I continue to always love it when I hear "It's Noah time", meaning he'll do things when he's ready as opposed to he never will. Her energy feels very encouraging and positive and I think Noah and I will both benefit from it.
I've noticed lately him making some exceptionally sour faces at me during meal times, so I took it upon myself to try his various baby food flavors only to find that they taste like vinegar and tart apples. I wouldn't want to eat it, so I'm not surprised he's not happy about it. I ordered a new line of food that I hope arrives soon. You can only purchase it at two Whole Foods locations here, and they are both quite a distance from us. The line is called Sprout Baby, and is all organic and seems to have gotten good taste reviews from moms and babies. For Christmas I asked Chris for a food processor so I could make Noah's food, but it has been tricky because Noah has to have exactly the right consistency to be able to eat it, and being able to achieve his special types of textures has proven to be a bit difficult.
Noah had his first taste of squished avocado today. He did very well with it. I could tell he thought it was bland. I added a teaspoon if even that, or ranch dressing and then he thought it was incredible. I don't think it altered the taste much from what I could tell, I think he just appreciated watching me add something to it, like I somehow made it all gourmet just by adding dressing. He did really good with the consistency since it was a little thicker than he's used to, he only gagged once and it was while he was trying to talk and swallow at the same time, but he recovered well. He's also decided he's picky about the pediasure. He really isn't into the chocolate flavor as much as he is the vanilla and the verdict is still out on the bannana and the strawberry I'm not sure he knows what to make of it. Right now I think he is wondering why it's not warmed like his milk is. And I haven't chilled it because he seems to really look at me with I'm not going to drink cold anything unless it's water. He's very particular about his likes. Water must be cold, milk must be warm, and pediasure must be room temperature or he won't even attempt it. And learning all this isn't done in a day. There are some weeks where it's trial and error for me all day long.
Noah also has started verbalizing his favorite word a lot more lately which is A-Boo. I don't know what it means yet, if he simply shortened peek-a-boo, or if it is just his own word, but he will repeat it back to you if you tell it to him. I of course am still holding out for those precious words... mama. Everyday I see a new little glimmer of Noah trying something he couldn't do the day before, even if it is so ever slight, it's progress. And he is so very smart, I can see him thinking so very hard to get his way.
Tonight we lost power for a few hours right during dinner time. I of course called my mother upset that I couldn't cook any of us dinner or even navigate in the dark. And as most great parents, they came to my rescue brining us a homemade meal, and a battery lamp. So Noah had his first indoor camping experience. He kept looking at us and smiling like we were playing a game in the dark.
Another mommy with a special needs baby shared this quote with me today and I thought it was wonderful:"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." ♥ ~Agatha Christie
I also wanted to share a link that was sent to us by email that was a very inspirational video:
When I watched the video I thought of Chris and Noah's relationship. Chris is beyond devoted to Noah. Noah is his entire world just as he is mine. Chris will forever and always do anything and everything that Noah needs to make him happy his entire life. Their bond is so strong and I admire how much Chris loves his little Noah. Chris only sees what Noah can do, not what he can't.
Stacy, Chris & Noah