Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

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Father & Son
Noah & Daddy at the Lake

Pelicans Leaving the Pond

Luau Party!

Daddy & Noah

Daddy's Cake With Flames!

Daddy's Race Cake

Daddy's Elmo Shirt

Chris had a beautiful second Father's Day. Noah started off the day by presenting his daddy with the best present in the world; and Elmo face T-shirt. Noah was tremendously proud as his daddy held it up to his chest. Noah also got his daddy a racing Dairy-Queen ice cream cake equipped with flames on the sides and the official NHRA drag racing soundtrack.

It was a wonderful day for the two of them. We all walked to the lake together and seen a handful of pelicans at the pond. First time we've seen them out here. They spent the entire day together, even taking a nap together this afternoon. So very precious and sweet. God couldn't have gifted Noah with a better daddy. He is simply the best dad in the world. He loves his son more than anything.

Yesterday Noah went to his first Luau Bar-B-Que Party. He danced, he interrupted conversations, and ate a lot. It was a wonderful time for us and for Noah. The food was beyond heavenly. I almost couldn't stop eating. My friend Joey makes this amazing guacamole that she always brings to special occasions, that I can't resist. Then there were these little tortilla roll-ups that I just went after like crazy. And Noah had his first taste this time. I fingered food gently into his mouth while he sat in my lap in the snugglie. He did excellent. Not a single gag or choke. He had some guacamole, jello mouse, potato salad, and of course an ice cream sandwich, and to wash it down I gave in and let him have a sip of my caffeine free cream soda. I of course made sure not to give him chunks of things, but he did better than I imagined he would with what I tried. Hopefully by taking things slow and steady we'll get Noah eating eventually like other babies his age.

Noah was particularly interested in my luau kabob. I think he found the skewer fascinating. It was the very best kabob I've ever had in my entire life! It's one of those recipes that you want to latch on and use every single time. I know the host told me that he marinated the meat in soy sauce, garlic, oil and something else! There is a forth thing but I simply can't remember. My memory simply isn't as sharp since Noah's birth... the tiny details often escape me. I of course asked Noah to help remind me, but he's keeping that a guarded secret. Which means I'll be sending an email asking for that forth ingredient.

He continued to play with the green lay that he received upon his arrival. I think he knew he was decorated and it made him feel quite important. Nothing like a little present to make you feel like you're a little star. By the end of the night he had that lay unraveled and worn. It had a short hour life, but was very loved. It was just so wonderful to be with such a loving group of people.

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."
- Jim Valvano