Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ice Cream Days

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Noah's First Ankle Supports
Noah's Theratog Suit

One of Noah's favorite things is ice cream and whip cream. We had a special treat when my friends invited us to go with them to Dairy Queen at the mall. It's so nice to spend time with them, they are so very loving towards Noah, and they offer me help when things sometimes get difficult during outings. It's so nice that they don't see Noah any differently. He's just himself however he may be and they love him and our family just the same. They have such faith and encouragement that Noah will one day talk and walk. I wish I could take pieces of their hearts and spread them to everyone.

Noah is loving the nice weather. He is such a nature boy. He is so tuned into the noise of airplanes and patiently watches the sky trying to match the sound with a visual. He watches the trees to hunt out the birds and listens to the clicking of our agitated squirrels that wish we'd go inside so they could continue to eat my strawberries in the garden. I of course love watching Noah get all excited. His movements do not match his age, nor do his vocal sounds I suppose. But I love watching him just the same. His eyes are always such a vibrant shade of ocean blue when we're outside. He glows with happiness.

Noah hasn't done anything super new in a while, yet I hear kids like him have periods of doing that. I was so thrilled with him learning to roll I suppose I figured that sitting, crawling and him becoming mobile was only a few weeks away, but recovery just doesn't happen overnight and I have to remain patient and hopeful that he'll still get there, eventually. It will make his physical accomplishments that much more wonderful when he gets there, it's worth the wait.

Noah's special shoes and theratog suit arrived today. I'm excited about his suit. I'm hoping it gives his brain some sensory signals that help with his trunk control and will give him the support he needs to get his head off the ground and put weight on his arms and elbows. Noah can't even army crawl until we get to that stage. I've always had in my mind there was a certain order to movement - that he'd learn to sit before he learned to crawl and then crawl before he learned to walk. I'm not sure that those things will go in that order for Noah. If he crawls before he sits, I'm fine with that, or sits and then walks, or just walks and then sits. He can do it in any order he thinks suits him. Noah also got his little ankle supports. They are cute and very little. And his special shoes which are a little big for him still.

Noah is growing day by day with his preferences. He loves watching Super Why and Sid the Science Kid on PBS, but as soon as Dinosaur Train comes on at 8am he screams with fright. Noah does not like dinosaurs - he makes that very known. So I have to make sure to have Elmo on DVD if I need to get in the shower during the 8am Dinosaur Train timeslot, or the neighbors will hear him scream for roughly 5-6 minutes until I get out of the shower. He also doesn't appreciate Curious George and the verdict is also still out on Barney. Sometimes we love him, sometimes we hate him.

We were able to get out yesterday for a stroller ride, without hysterical crying. Always a work in progress, but I keep trying until I find something that works. We ran into a couple and their little boy who knew Noah and I, a sweet gentleman who waved at us, and an older couple who said isn't Noah just precious. Noah however doesn't let me stop for long to visit, as he thinks he must be moving at all times to be happy. It's a bit like Driving Miss Daisy...but I'm driving Mr. Noah.

Noah's taste buds have also been particular this week. He's having strong cravings for country gravy and shredded cheese. I'm quite impressed he's able to handle little bits of shredded cheese. He mimics me when I show him how to chew, which I'm very happy about. Hopefully that will lead him to better eating abilities in the days to come.

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time."
~John Lubbock