Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

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Noah Expressing how he feels about being a wind-blown pumpkin

Noah meets Marshall & Nipper (I think he thought he was going to get kissed)

The Pumpkin Patch

Perfect Pumpkins

Marshall & Nipper


The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Mommy & Me next to our pumpkin!

Today we went to the Rock Creek Pumpkin Patch. Noah loved it last year, and even more so this year. It was also really great just to be out in the fresh air, and feel the dirt between my fingers, picking and sawing off pumpkins from the vine. I felt connected to the earth, to nature, to God. Circumstances have been so difficult lately, that it was just nice to be worry-free, and happy in a field of pumpkins, if only for a little while.

I took Noah's stroller out and 4-wheeled it through the pumpkin patch. He loved it. Other kids got to run and play, but he had his own kind of fun. Noah also got his first face to face meeting with horses. I had wanted to see if he made a connection with them for a long time. And he did. It was more interesting really for me to watch the reactions of the horses to Noah. There is an understanding there, an unspoken understanding. Those horses understood Noah, they recognized he was special in some way, paid extra attention to him. Their names were Marshall and Nipper. They are down here until the end of the month from Delta, Colorado to give hay rides. The handler was so nice and offered us a hayride even if we needed to tie down Noah's stroller he said he'd make any accommodations necessary for him. Which was a tremendously wonderful offer. It's so nice when you're included, when someone wants to go out of their way to make you feel like you're like everyone else. But the wind was terrible today, and it was all Noah could do to survive the pumpkin patch in the wind, we didn't think he'd be able to tolerate the wind on a hayride. Maybe next year.

Noah also was especially interested in the baby pigs, and talked to the sheep. None of the other animals really interested him much this year. He has his favorites and I'm glad he's making decisions on what he likes and dislikes.

I just loved Noah's little outfit for this year, a pumpkin hoodie set with a little pumpkin leaf on top his head. He was the cutest little pumpkin in the patch. My little pumpkin. We got Noah his own little teeny pumpkins for fifty-cents. Maybe he can bat them around the family room. Noah loves balls, kicking them hitting them. Of course he needs help doing that. It's more like you kick his legs for him or push the balls with his hands for him, but he loves it. He can't play without our help.

The holiday toys are coming out and I haven't found not one thing I can get Noah yet. He cannot yet play with toddler toys, can't hold anything in his hands, can't stack or push or pull, his fine and gross motor skills just aren't there. I'd love to get him cars or trains or all those toys parents get their little kids at this age, but just can't. And he's getting too old for the baby toys, not to mention they are quickly losing his attention probably out of boredom. There is a special wagon I'd like to try to get Noah for Christmas or his birthday. It's the Radio Flyer Comfort Embrace Wagon 3400. The first of it's kind with a five point harness. It becomes available this month for purchase, but I'm sure it will also carry a big price tag and may be something that is out of reach for us to get. But Christmas and his birthday are still a few weeks away, maybe by that time Santa will give me a brilliant idea on what to do.

I've attached some pictures of Noah's 2nd year going to the Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful and blessed day.