Friday, October 22, 2010


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God brings people in and out of our lives with purpose. They say some are reasons, seasons, or a lifetime. Or a combination even of the three. Along this journey for almost the last two years Chris and I have been blessed that God has sent so many to love us when we needed it the most, to hug us when things were uncertain, shoulders to cry on when we were sad, and those to lift us up when when we felt our knees weaken.

Noah's buddy Bill, is always so hopeful for Noah. He sees things sometimes I do not, or way before I do. He is a gift from God sent for Noah. Bonded forever over the power of prayer the day we took him off life support. The two of them will be connected forever. Bill is always faithful in reminding me "everything has a season and we are calling this one done and calling forth a new season."

When I was little my father would sing many songs to me as he sprinkled fake sand into my eyes convincing me the sandman had visited and it was time for me to close my eyes and find sleep. He'd sing Mellow Yellow by Donovan, Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues, Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon and Garfunkel and Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds. How relevant the song Turn!, Turn!, Turn! really is. Timeless songs that actually would come to mean more than I ever realized in my lifetime. My season, Noah's season, Chris' season.

The first vinyl album my father ever purchased for me was the Muppet Show featuring: Kermit the Frog and the Rainbow Connection never knowing that the ultimate rainbow would arrive for me December 23, 2008, accompanying the birth of a little boy named Noah. Maybe those songs were a prelude to events that lay waiting ahead for me.

There is a season for everything, just like Bill reminded me. Noah's life will have many seasons. By no means does that mean that this will be as good as it gets for him or for us. As one season ends, another begins. Patience...Patient I must be. As hard as it is, different seasons will come. I must wait for the seasons to change.


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