Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Surprises

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There are not enough words to even describe the outpouring of love from the community, friends, those of you around the world that are always there praying and caring, in the last few days. Never did I ever expect that so many would be there to support us, to give us strength, to help ease our pains. It means so much to our family that so many stood up and said this isn't right, that people with special needs should not be treated this way. It's so easy for me just to retreat when I'm hurt, I think it is that way for a lot of people. Due to all of your encouragement and support we've decided that this cannot happen again, that if I can spare just even one family from feeling what we've felt being turned away, then something good has come from something so bad. I plan to write letters to corporate offices, local locations, file complaints - whatever I need to do to be heard so that this does not happen again to anyone. Thank you all so very much for standing behind us, together we can make a difference after all.

Chris and I were so desperate to find a bit of happiness over the weekend that we started putting up Christmas feverishly. Out came Rudolph, Christmas Elmo, two trees, tons of collected ornaments, Noah's tree train, and garland that has seen way better days and no longer lights up! But it didn't matter we were trying to sprinkle the house with as much joy as we could find to override all the pains we've had lately. Chris was a fantastic sport about it, I promised I wouldn't turn the lights on frequently to cut down on our electrical costs and in return he dragged out both trees within a half hour. I even made a Sears photography appointment with less than a day's notice.

Noah received the sweet little puppy sweater that I had wanted so badly at Macy's from a very loving family. I opened the package and squealed like a little school girl with excitement. If Noah only knew how much I adored that sweater and it came just in time for our Christmas pictures at Sears. Thank goodness for Sears coupons for making the dream possible. It was the best eight dollars ever spent to see him smiling so beautifully in that puppy sweater I had dreamed about. I can't wait to post them when it arrives of Noah in this sweater. As I write this I'm still teary just thinking about it. There is so much that would have never been possible without the love from so many, you have no idea the difference you all have made in our lives. God bless each and everyone of you out there reading about Noah, and praying hard for us, you're always there in our hardest moments, and celebrating our joys with us. All of Noah's angels all across the world.

I was also hoping to put Noah in that same sweater for Santa this year. I had a bit of a panic, tears and pouting for an hour or so yesterday when I called to find out that Noah had not made it to the list as promised from last year. Santa and Mrs. Claus told me we wouldn't have to participate in the lottery, so I never called in to enter our names for the drawing, I just assumed we were on the list and would be called with our date. But when I didn't get a call, I called the City to find out that no one had told them Noah was on the list, and our district was full for a Santa visit. She said she had no way to verify that we were told we'd be exempt from the lottery, and was very nice and apologized. I however was still crushed. Feeling like once again I dropped the ball for little Noah in some way. Failed to get him Santa...

Later that day I received a message that there was room after all for a Santa visit for Noah, and I called my mother and Chris overjoyed. Now I hope that after all of it, he isn't as scared as he was last year with Santa... I want it to be just wonderful for him. Santa comes December 1st on the fire truck! Another joyful thing in addition to putting up Christmas.

It's like that song from Annie, "The sun will come out tomorrow, Tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar, That Tomorrow, They'll be sun! Just thinkin' about Tomorrow Clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow, 'Til there's none!

I have to keep remembering for every hard situation, for every tear, for all the hard work, for all the struggles, there will be sun, you just have to give it time for the skies to clear. And even if that sun doesn't last long, it will be back eventually. You just can't give up on it.

I hope this entry finds you all blessed this Thanksgiving holiday. May the day be filled with lots of love, laughter and beautiful memories to hold and keep a lifetime. Thank you for sharing in our lives, and praying for us. As I say a huge Thank You prayer for all of you.

With tremendous love and thanks,

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