Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wooden Snowflakes

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Noah has had a pretty good week. He's been such a little champion at his therapies, and even at class today he was happy. We decorated wooden snowflakes today. On one side we decorated with markers designs and colors, and on the other side we put each child's name, size, age and listing of toys that they might like. These snowflakes are going on a tree for special needs children at a business location. And someone will pick Noah's name and give him a gift.

I participated in a tree gift giving at work at the courthouse for many years. I never gave it a second thought. I just pulled two names off the tree each year, bought gifts, wrapped them up and dropped it off at the CASA office. I never realized how much the need really is behind the name. I knew I would never meet the person I was gifting, it's something we all did, Judges, Magistrates, Division Clerks, and Court Staff. Now I'm on the other side, we are a name on a tree, and someone out there will be helping us and giving Noah a gift. There is so much behind the name. Real people, real children, needing help. It's nice to know that we're not forgotten. That special needs children matter too.

After we decorated our snowflakes for the tree, we all got into the pool for sensory class. Something we only do as a group every so often. Noah laughed and giggled and actually did quite well with other children splashing him. He was overall a good sport about it. Noah is the most physically challenged out of the group. And although he can't do as much as the other children can, we always feel included in all that they try to do. Even if he can't perform it and I have to simulate it for him. I do recognize we have a long way to go, but I'm so proud of him. He never gives up, and I admire his spirit.

One of the mothers that attends class with me just opened up a hair salon for children. I mentioned Noah's hair needed a cut. I've been delaying it for many reasons really. I think I'm still wounded in a lot of ways from that salon that refused Noah months ago because of his disabilities, and I've convinced myself that Noah plays more with his head and ears if it's longer. And I keep thinking any self-awareness and touching of his head is good for him. The name of the salon is Pigtails and Crewcuts designed just for children. She was so nice and said they'd love to have Noah there anytime. They are a bit of a drive for us. I don't know if Noah would make it that far or not, but the pictures of the salon look like something Noah would just love and be entertained by. It's even nice to find someone that understands and would never refuse us or look down upon Noah because he has special needs.

Thank you to all that continue to pray so hard for Noah and our family. We always feel your love and are so thankful you are there sending us your words of encouragement and kindness.


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