Friday, April 20, 2012

SSI Complications Continue

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After being rudely stood up by SSI on my scheduled phone conference I called them yesterday. The caseworker refused to speak with me and had someone relay the message that she'd call me today at 10:30am. She did indeed call promptly at 10:30am but it was a very short conversation as although she admitted she's had our faxed pay stubs for sometime, she hasn't at all worked on our case. I asked why she didn't call as scheduled - she didn't even offer me an apology but that she was double booked. And no one could bother to call me to reschedule? There were no asset/income questions asked as she stated she'd previously do, said that I would get notification in the mail once again of Noah's new payment and any new over- payments. I feel like I am going round and round with SSI. I am just continuously getting yanked around. I asked to speak to the manager, and of course I get transferred to a line that rings into eternity... no voice mail - just constant ringing for 8 minutes until I hung up. I call and get resistance when I ask for the manager and get simply transferred to voice mail. I left a message with my frustrations about their lack of good business practices, I doubt I will hear back. I think they really anticipate that you'll just stick your tail between your legs and go away. That is not an option. I have to fight on for Noah. They can continue to put me through whatever and I will not go away. I just genuinely wish they would finally fix whatever is going on and get it right once and for all. So I await more paperwork from SSI, and likely more appeals and requests for informal conferences that I will need to fill out to challenge them. We are no more ahead than we ever were.

Noah's 501st Legion Picture Fundraiser is going on this weekend. Don't forget to come down and join us tomorrow if you can. Get some really cool pictures for a great cause! Again here are the details of the event.

Vaders Fist, 501st Legion (the bad guys in cool outfits from Star Wars) will be at Starfest this weekend and are holding a photo booth for you to take pictures with characters for a donation to help Noah get his Service Dog here are the details we hope to see you all there!

Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S Syracuse St
Denver, CO 80237
(303) 779-1100

Friday, April 20, 2012 6:00 am -
Sunday, April 22, 2012 5:00 pm

StarFest is a combination of several entertainment conventions rolled into one big event that takes place over three days. Started in 1977, it attracts thousands of people who are fans of popular culture for a weekend of social interaction, fun and games. Activities take place at three adjacent convention hotels and include: Studio Presentations, Onstage Q&A Sessions (with actors, producers & directors), Autograph and Photo Sessions, Costume and Talent Contests, Film Festivals, Model and Art shows, Collectible Marketplaces, Educational Seminars, Discussion Panels, Musical Performances, Dancing, Kids Events, Fan Club Presentations, and tons of assorted Klingons, Jedi and other creatures thrown together.

The will have a photo booth to take pictures with characters for a donation towards Noah's Service Dog. Noah will be making an appearance mid-morning/late afternoon on Saturday for people to meet him. We are so excited and forever thankful for this opportunity to help Noah.

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”
“The Force is strong with this one.” - Star Wars


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