Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SSI Popularity

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We are so popular with SSI we got not one but two overpayment demands in less than a week... and four notices total if you count Noah's revised monthly amount (or unrevised amount) and a request for me to report now by phone rather than fax as I was previously asked. I challenged how they could calculate his monthly amount not having recent pay stubs for household income, and after we submitted them for re-calcuation they came up with the exact same figure! And they can't seem to figure out if they want me to report income or not or if they do by fax or phone... or not. Truly amazing. The second overpayment request is over $200. A little less sticker shock value than the $1077 figure but nonetheless continues to leave us scratching our heads at it all. Chris and I wonder if we're just getting everyone's overpayments in the county.... just mail them to Noah's parents they are used to it... I joke now but one never knows!

On the great news front, due to the overwhelming love from friends and our community we only have $1,516.04 left to raise for Noah's service dog! Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd come this far so fast. Prayers do move mountains. Really it leaves you without words - we could never properly express what everyone's love, support and kindness means. We are simply beyond excited that Noah will soon be able to have his very own service dog.

Noah has his hippotherapy evaluation this week, we are praying it goes well and that the program will be a great fit for him, we're trying to figure out how to financially pay for all this therapies, and likely be forced to discontinue some in order to pick this one up. We simply can't financially balance it all. I wish we could - there is nothing more than wanting to provide Noah with every opportunity we can at recovering his gross and fine motor skills. Most of Noah's therapies aren't covered by insurance and the type of Medicaid Noah is on does not provide him with opportunities like hippotherapy or music therapy for instance. There are so many things we dream of being able to do for Noah like dolphin therapy, lite gait therapy, going to California for ABM, or even taking him to a handicapped accessible park like Morgan's Wonderland so he can just be a kid and experience the world like other children his age can. Dreams for Noah are bank breaking. But we never give up hope and we never stop reaching for the sky when it comes to helping our sweet Noah, he continues to make inch-stones each day, and we know that with lots of love, help and time Noah will do amazing things in life. God never breaks his promises, we know that, and we know he made those December Rainbow Promises to Noah the day he was born - miracles will happen.


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