Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your First Warden

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Noah today is Mother's Day. Although each day I am gifted with your happy squeals and bright blue eyes each morning it reminds me of the true meaning of the gift of motherhood. There's nothing like God's ability to show me how wonderful your miracle is. A moment never passes where I am not thankful that you are here with us fighting on strong. My little trooper. My hero in a tiny body. Every part of my day is dedicated to you and your brother. Really this day reminds me how incredible it is to be your mom. You remind me of all the blessings life has to offer, you are my courage, my hope, my reason for perseverance, you have become all my greatest dreams and inspire me to be all that I can be.

Some moms may be getting spa treatments today - pedicures and manicures. They may have breakfast in bed served with a single rose... pictures hand drawn for them by each child they have... songs of love sung to them, hugs all day long. Being your mom my day will be different. I will have the pleasure of waking up to your light giggles as you realize the morning sun is peaking through your curtains, I will be gifted to hold your body and lift you out of bed and pick out the cutest little outfit I can find and struggle to dress your stiff body. You will likely splatter your yogurt all over me with your waiving arms, and drool a little puddle of toothpaste on my clothes as I carry you to the floor where I will spend lots of time trying to find the right show that you want to watch on television. We'll practice our daily routines of trying to sit with assistance, walk, and make eye gaze choices. You'll tolerate your little brother crawling all of you and occasionally get upset that he is walking and you are not. The both of you will find many moments to make me laugh. I'll spend the day pureeing your meals, changing your soiled linens, and looking at the week ahead remembering which day we have to be where for therapy. I will fill out government forms and finish therapy paperwork. It might all sound completely unglamorous and unrewarding. But it's not. You are my reward and anything that comes along with you is completely worth it. You alone have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

There are these lyrics to a song by Alanis Morisette titled "Guardian" that remind me of you. I fancy it I suppose even more because it makes mention of me being your first Warden - and after all that is our last name. But it's all true I will be everything you need me to be and more because you are my life. You are what my Mother's Day is all about.

"I’ll be your keeper for life as your guardian
I’ll be your warrior of care, your first warden
I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand
The greatest honor of all, as your guardian"
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As always Noah you make each day I am on this earth worth living. You have taught me immeasurable patience, empathy, faith and hope. I am so glad I get to celebrate being your Mother today.
Excerpt from“A special mother” by Erma Brombeck

"Yes, here is a woman whom I will bless with a child less than perfect. She doesn’t realize it yet, but she is to be envied. She will never take for granted a ‘spoken word.’ She will never consider a ‘step’ ordinary. When her child says ‘Momma’ for the first time, she will be present at a miracle, and will know it!”


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