Monday, October 8, 2012

Instant Bravery

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Noah's Head Control at Hippotherapy!  MIRACLES!!!!
Noah Excited that his dragon is riding the remote control
Noah and Daddy and their dragon masterpiece
The weather has officially changed and we're now experiencing some cold temperatures that prevent Noah from his daily walks outside. He is very much like clock-work wanting to go after dinner and we've tried to find indoor places to stroll around in for warmth to make Noah happy. The transition of seasons is always challenging for us. Noah is just an outdoor kind of guy. Always has been and I think likely always will be.

Noah has been doing really well at hippotherapy. His head control continues to improve, and he's so proud of himself. You can just tell he beams for us knowing we're watching him in all his glory. I love his tender smiles that he sneaks in as he's riding in our direction. I think we're bonding better with Lightening. The really great thing is Lightening doesn't take after his name sake and is a really low-key horse. And sometimes Chris and I joke that he must have had his red bull drink because he does light up and really seem social at times. And if you say the word "carrot" in his direction he gets extra perky. I guess I know what I'll be getting a special horse for the holidays. Then we'll really all be friends forever. Noah is also really walking well assisted after therapy sessions. He's just trucking right along. We're rather hopeful that he'll be able to push a walker someday to walk. A dream come true for us. A dream we know and feel is possible with time, patience, and faith.

Since the weather this past weekend was a little less than desirable, Noah and his daddy finally built his Lowe's Shrek Dragon. I was out grocery shopping when they had their father son building bonding moment, but Chris took me pictures step by step of their building so I'd be surprised when I came home with their masterpiece. Noah looked like he was beyond excited and happy about his building project.

 On a whim Chris and I decided to go out to lunch. I don't think we've been out to lunch as a family since before Noah's birth - we've gone out to dinners but never lunch. We picked Mimi's which happened to be the perfect choice for us. Upon on our moment of instant bravery in loading up two children and a packed bag of Noah's lunch, bibs, and spoons from him to eat from we were out the door. Thankfully Mimi's was not overly busy and we were seated right away with amazing kindness from the staff. Sometimes when you show up with a wheelchair you get that look of how you just inconvenienced the world. They sat us at the front table closest to the door which Noah loved because he could watch everyone come and go. It was a day that had a lot of customers in their Golden years which is always exceptionally nice. I have found that those from an older generation usually have tons of compassion and admiration for our journey. Maybe it's because they've experienced a lifetime of their own joys, pains and loss and have learned the value of the true meaning of life's blessings - whatever it is, I'm always grateful for it because we're always accepted and welcomed with open arms. No one stares, it's simply all warm smiles and people even stop to talk to us and compliment Noah on how adorable he is. I love being embraced like we're just like anyone else. I wish we could afford to go out more often I think it's really healthy for Noah to be out and about and a part of the world like that. It was a perfect spur of the moment move that became a great family memory of a wonderful lunch date.

"You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you" Mary Tyler Moore 


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