Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink Skies

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Noah trying out his new sit-to-stand stander
Noah's Madagascar 3 Circus Wig
Noah's sit-to-stand stander arrived today. Noah usually loves or hates something immediately. And he happened to love his stander upon arrival. Was all smiles and very patient today when we made the proper size adjustments for him. I think he loves the fact that it raises and lowers him with a pressure pump. And I love the tray feature. It's the largest tray I've ever seen on these types of equipment and it would be perfect for artwork - playing with toys and objects or even carving a pumpkin! However the down side is that it's extremely heavy. At around 80 pounds and it's super wide which means we'd have to take all the baby gates down just to get it into another room and and it would take 2 people to lift it anywhere. I have no ramps in our house, something that is becoming more of a problem for us daily with all of Noah's equipment. The wall to wall carpet it certainly becoming more troublesome in our home as I can't roll these gadgets easily without a laminate/hardwood type of flooring. These small ledges that our home has to get from one room to the next also doesn't help our cause. So for now I guess it's going to stay in the entry way of our house because I have no idea where else to put it. I certainly can't move it myself.

Noah I think has finally adjusted to the change of seasons and winter routine. He's accepted that we can't any longer go on daily walks and has accepted his swing in the basement as an alternative. And once again he's changed his tastes in television programming. The current hit Fraggle Rock and anything Christmas. Noah has always loved Christmas year round. He especially starts to love it a bit more starting about July of each year. Chris and I always joke that it's because he was a holiday season baby. I'm sure he'll revisit his Shrek movies again next week. He likes to circulate his programming.

The pink sunset tonight held me in awe. The kind of painting only God can do. His canvas. It felt like he was trying to draw me a picture - presenting me with a message that I don't yet understand. Sometimes I find Him in my quiet moments - as I seek for answers on how to best help Noah each day. As the pink sky changed from minute to minute, I didn't want to let go of it. Almost like he was reminding me of His promise to Noah and to remember where there is beautiful light... that there is always hope. Noah has moments where he too himself reminds me of all he's capable of. I'll see him do something he couldn't do the day before, no matter how little even if it's putting a thumb in his mouth, or leaning forward with amazing head control in his car seat. Small earthquakes really that go unnoticed by everyone except his dad and I. But we watch and wait patiently for all that Noah is learning to do.


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