Friday, October 18, 2013

Life's Smallest Miracles

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As of late, I've been stewing over my frustrations, anger, sadness, and disappointment surrounding the actions or even the lack of actions of others regarding sticky situations that I have no control over.   Today, as God often does, stepped in and gave me a clarifying moment - one of those moments that brings me back to the center of what truly matters - and that is Noah's growth, achievements and the miracles in his life.   The rest is outside noise distracting me from my goal - helping Noah be all that he can be.   I don't have time to right all the wrongs.  I'm busy, that's God's job - and I believe he's good at it.  I trust him and willingly turn it over to him to handle.   And I can take solace in that as a general rule, most people eventually trip at what they simply sweep under the rug. 

For the first time in Noah's life I witnessed something amazing.  While working with his Feldenkrais therapist today during an intensive session, Noah was in a 4-point crawl pose and pushed through his knees using his back muscles in an attempt to extend almost if one were going to try to get up or stand.  His head control was flawless, in one breath-taking moment I was in awe.   My emotions became centered, positivity flowed through every fiber of my being.  That's what matters - Noah and his progress.  His miracle.  He had an amazing day from start to finish.  Beamed at warm water therapy,  giggles in the grocery store, and showing me how strong he was at Feldenkrais therapy.   Today was one of his days to shine.  And little does he know he helped bring me back to my center of gravity.   This child is truly inspiring and I'm not just saying that because he's mine.  If someone really spent time with him - more than just a passing at a park or a store - they'd see that this little blue eyed boy is holding some heavenly secrets and qualities within him.   Children with Special needs are like that.  They light up the dark corners of the world.  Some people see it - while others can't.  But it is real.  The light that shines within them is so bright, so pure, so perfect.  

Noah is also making wonderful progress at his therapy school.  Although we missed several weeks due to illnesses within our family, he is remembering his positive experiences.  Since the fall class has started I haven't seen one gag reflex yet.  The feeling of the class is the right fit for Noah.  He seems to have made connections and feels comfortable.  A lot of work has gone into this improvement, from home visits with his teachers, to us creating a social story to read to Noah daily so he understand his daily routine and events, to planning comfortable spaces within the room, to his own place to just observe and watch children until he himself tells us he's ready and comfortable enough to participate with others.  Before we couldn't even park in the parking lot without the gag and vomiting starting.  We've come such a long way in a short amount of time.

Little miracles continue to happen at home today too, as I was writing this in fact I looked up to see that Noah's little brother Luke found a very small hackey sack basketball in the toy box he picked up and walked it back to Noah, sat down carefully beside him, and gently pried his stiff fingers open to place the hackey sack in his hands then assisted Noah's arm at the elbow to help him lift his arm in order to mimic throwing it.  Noah's hand naturally released it and Luke continued to fetch the hackey sack and repeat the steps.  We've never played in this way with Noah, Luke was not copying something he had seen a parent or even a therapist do.  He naturally knew this is how he'd have to help Noah play.   God sent me such a special soul in Luke - the perfect companion for Noah.  He loves and cares about his big brother so deeply.  They are able to communicate without words.  And to be a mother just watching the innocence and pure love of this interaction is just so overwhelming.  I never take for granted the little things, behind the little things means only greater things are to follow.


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