Friday, October 4, 2013

Rising Waters

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We survived Colorado's Historic Flood this year.  I had a few days that left me a little worried as the yard started to collect a small pond and water started to seep through a window well.  But then I remembered that God gifted me with a child named Noah and we were going to be just fine.   His little brother thoughtfully brought out the Noah's Ark toy, gave the top half to Noah and then drove or floated the bottom half on the kitchen floor.  It's amazing what children know without an adult speaking of what Noah's Ark was -  they knew it was raining and that meant they needed to play with the Ark.  It's the little things that kind of leave you in awe.  Like they can hear God so much more clearly than I can. 

Noah received his custom Aspen Seat and he loves it - we love it.  Finally for the first time in Noah's life something designed to fit him - perfectly.  It positions him wonderfully and he's so comfortable in it.   It took several appointments to have it molded and fitted correctly, but it was worth all the time invested.  Our hopes are that an Aspen seat will also be made for Noah for a toilet, since he has been unsuccessful in a comfortable fit with the flamingo toilet seat product. 

Noah has also been going to power wheelchair trial appointments.  The first two appointments were a huge success.  Noah drove and understood that he was in control of his actions.   The third appointment was during the 2nd day of our massive rain storm and Noah just really wasn't in to it.  We'll likely have two or three more appointments to make sure we completely know what is the easiest controls for Noah to navigate a power wheelchair and then hopefully one will be ordered for him.  
Noah in trying out a power wheelchair!

The seasons have changed and I've been struggling to get my footing and prepare for fall and the winter ahead.  Noah is now too big for onesies, which is great that he's healthy and growing, but this year I was faced having to buy both children all new clothes.   Noah looks more grown up with just shirts and pants, and seems to be navigating rolling just fine without having his shirt tucked in.  Each day that child gets faster and faster at rolling.  One day I actually lost him and he rolled all the way to the front door, quietly watching me, amused as I panicked thinking someone came into the house and stole him.   He very much likes to hide and thinks it's funny when we cannot locate him immediately. 

Typical change of season style, we've been battling some in-house germs.  This time I was the one to start the domino effect.  So we've been trying hard to get the family well.   It's always extra frustrating when I'm the one who brings home the germ.  I work so hard to give Noah a germ-free environment.   Even harder when the germ spreads to the only outside help we have - Noah's maternal grandmother.   That really complicates getting Noah to his therapy appointments as that means there is no help with Luke.  I imagined it would get easier the older that Luke got, but it's actually proven to be a bit more challenging.  He's a very active, typical toddler and it was so much easier when he was little and I could buckle him in a stroller or carry him in a car seat for all our appointments. 

We are trying an online fundraiser to help with Noah's needs.  If you are in the market for an upcoming holiday gift, consider purchasing a candle to help Noah, 25 percent of sales will go towards helping him with out of pocket costs.

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