Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blue Miracles

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After lots of fundraising efforts, we were finally able to purchase Noah a PPod and Nessie from the UK.  Something that didn't come without it's own set of challenges.  We had waited for several years for the company to be willing to ship to the USA.  And finally they were able to ship the PPod and Nessie.  The PPod is a specialized posture bean bag for comfort sitting that also offers both support and great hip comfort.  The Nessie is a posture pillow that aids in tummy-time, weight bearing on arms and assisting with encouraging a child to lift their head.   

As with most things in our lives, the PPod and Nessie didn't come without some challenges along the way.  We've been dealing with Fed Ex International/USA Customs for about two weeks.  They wouldn't give the products clearance to be shipped in the USA.  The first agent said it was because it was labeled "durable medical equipment" another agent said because they had concerns with the "beans" in the bean bag portion of the chair.   I truly couldn't get a true answer to the hold up, but after networking with another special needs parent in the UK who had connections to UK customs and a old friend here that worked for Fed Ex, help came and I'm relieved to be able to say the PPod and Nessie arrived today just a few minutes after 10am... two blue pieces of amazing equipment - Miracles!
Noah's PPod

Noah loves it.  His soft little body instantly melted into the soft fabric and he giggled with delight.  Worth all the tears - all the hard work it took to get it to him.  I think I likely should have ordered a larger size, and without a doubt a 5 point harness for it - why I didn't inquire about a harness is beyond me.  I think I was just so overly excited I honestly forgot that little detail.  I am praying it is an accessory I can order after the fact and that I didn't need to order it at the same time I did the PPod seat.  I also think Noah needed a large size Nessie and not the small.  Not sure about my exchange options as I haven't been able to connect with the company yet due to the time change difference.  I'm hopeful we can work something out, but I'm sure it will involve more money and it sure took a lot to just get this far.   But I have faith God will help me find a way.  

Even though the Nessie that was sent is too small, Noah was able to get his head up for brief periods using it.  Something that will be so huge for therapy purposes.  I wish things like this existed here in the USA, we truly need them here.  But I'm so thankful we can import them in - even as difficult as that process was.  
Noah's Nessie

Noah had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our entire family dined at Zolo's Southwestern Grill, and every table had a child in a wheelchair.  For the first time in my life I didn't feel like we were the elephant in the room.  Everyone was just like us.  The food was amazing.  The best cranberries I think I've ever had, with a creamy pumpkin pie with homemade whip cream that Noah adored.  And they even made a plate for Noah that we brought home and pureed for him later.  He loved it.  The whole experience did my heart a world of good.  And we will forever remember the blessings of that kind and loving restaurant. 

Noah is now gearing up for his birthday and Christmas.  He'll be turning five this year.  It's such a big number for me - five.   I'm so blessed to have this child in my life, five years later after they said he'd never survive.   We are planning on having the same photographer who took Noah's goodbye photos when we took him off life support take his fifth year photos.  We have come so far. 


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