Monday, December 16, 2013

Noah Goes Firefly!

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Undoubtedly it goes without saying that I'm in love with so many exciting products coming from the UK.  Imagine our excitement when we learned of a great new product being offered now in the USA called the Firefly!  It's going to be incredible for parents who have a child who cannot sit unassisted in a chair, a grocery cart, or swing.  It is truly a must have item if you have a child with special needs.  It will be available in two sizes, size 1 and size 2.   The size 1 currently doesn't have an adjustable headrest, but still offers a great deal of support.  The size 2 will have an adjustable headrest that will continue to aid and benefit those children who lack in head control and have a tendency for their head to go side to side.   This chair is amazing.   The price retails for $275, which in the land of special needs makes this one of the more affordable products than most and arrives within 72 hours of purchase!
The Firefly Seat

We sat Noah up in a kitchen chair, he also can sit now in grocery carts that have the toddler seats in front, and even mall shopping carts.  Something he couldn't do before.  It opens a whole new world for parents who aren't forced into traveling with a pediatric stroller or wheelchair.  Parents with multiple children will especially love this product as it gives their child with special needs more freedom to participate alongside their able-bodied siblings.   I seen this video the other day of a dad that adapted a remote control toddler car for his son which special needs and both siblings were able to ride and play side by side.  This is exactly the kind of thing the Firefly seat will be a true blessing for.  Firefly is a brand of products designed by Leckey to support and enchance special needs family participation. I've been so impressed with all the products produced by Leckey that Noah has.  And they are a company that genuinely cares about their customers and needs.  It is often rare to find a company that listens to what the community needs, and Leckey does just that.  Many of the products they carry are coming from the ideas of parents who have children with special needs.   More companies need to follow their lead.  They are blazing a great trail.  And as a result are producing pieces of equipment that are essential to improving the lives of children with special needs. 
Noah in the Size 1 Firefly!

The seat is very lightweight and it travels well, and snaps in fast.  The really great thing is that it hugs the child from the sides and gives them the shoulder support they need to sit comfortably upright.  This is great for even children who usually need to sit at a reclined angle in order to be comfortable.   We've been through a lot of equipment with Noah and this one gets 4.5 stars, and only because I think both models could likely benefit from an adjustable headrest.  Leckey is a company that cares about making a customer, not just making a sale.  Something the special needs community needs.  The Firefly would look amazing under the Christmas Tree gift wrapped with a bow!  It will make the new year for you and your child easier and more comfortable.

Here is the link to check out this amazing product:


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