Sunday, June 1, 2014

Five Special Needs Summer Essentials

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I love stumbling upon great products that work well for Noah and other children who have special needs. Last week we toured Walmart going isle to isle to keep Noah happy (he was in the mood to shop), we found a new product called Rise by Sprout.

Chef Tyler Florence is the maker of the very popular brand Organic Sprout Baby Food line.  It has always been a great line of food.  But I've always wished for pouches to have a slightly higher calorie count for children that are past the toddler stage, but still are in need of pureed foods.   So I was thrilled when I seen that Rise by Sprouts was on the shelves sitting between all the granola bars.  The calorie counts range at 130 calories per pouch to 150 a pouch.   They come in approximately 8 different flavor combinations. These little cuties seem to be currently only homed at Walmart and Amazon for purchase.

I'm always in search if toys that have the potential to be easier held and grasped by hands that have some challenges. I found this bathtub ball in a child's magazine.  It's called the Begin Again Bathtub Ball and can also be purchased through Amazon.  For expert hands the toys within the ball can be taken out and re-inserted.
Noah has very sensitive skin and his eczema always seems to flare up, especially seasonally.  We're always balancing that combination of what works well on his skin without creating additional skin irritation.   We have fallen in love with the light scent and smooth lotion feel that Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen provides.  We happen to love the spray, but there are other varieties and scent combinations available.   It rubs in easy and doesn't leave a film or greasy texture.  This is very important for a child that has sensory challenges both to smells and products that rub the skin.   I also have to hand it to the company when I heard that they donated a case to a family with a child in need.

We are always looking for creative new ways to incorporate family participation and found this product called Can You Imagine Air Power Soccer Disk-Light Up (can be purchased on Amazon)
It glides on the floor and allows you to play indoor soccer in the Upsee by Firefly!

We love finding new clothing lines that take into consideration sensory challenges that many children with special needs face.  Two new lines which we love are Kickee Pants, and the Butterfly Brand.  Kickee pants is a Bamboo blind that feels softer than silk.  It is so heavenly for even the most delicate of skin.  The Butterfly Brand is also a new line that recognizes how irritating seems can be for children with delicate skin and sensory issues and has a line where the seams are inverted and remain on the outside of the clothing.   Noah has tried both and they are very popular with him.  Both are brands that will be on his wish list each season.  And I also love how these two companies give back to the special needs community.  A short video about the Butterfly Brand, featuring Noah's awareness card can be viewed here.


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