Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parent's Perk of the GoTo Seat

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When you think adaptive equipment, the first thing that usually comes to mind is how is this going to make my child's life better.   In fact, until today I don't think I've ever looked at a piece of equipment and said how is this also going to make my life better?   But when I sit back and look at a product like the GoTo Seat, it's not just about how it includes my child in activities and family participation, but also the conveniences it provides me as a parent. 

Noah has numerous pieces of equipment.   And those pieces of equipment are cumbersome.  And really they only benefit Noah.  Some of his equipment causes me extra stress trying to find ways to lift it, move it from floor to floor, or even load it into the car, unload and then reload it and then find places to store it all.  I often times find myself counting bruises - not advantages.

Today as I looked at Noah's GoTo Seat in the closet, where it's safely stored to prevent Luke from thinking that he owns it, and I thought gosh what an easy little gadget.   Easy, but it serves so many different purposes and includes Noah in a variety of activities.   I can't say that with all of his equipment.   I never have to worry about finding a place to put it, I could put it anywhere, in the closet, under a bed, in a drawer even!  It's a product that earns its keep just in the fact that it's storage friendly!
The GoTo Seat... safely tucked in Noah's closet
Luke thinking he wants to steal Noah's Seat
And I can easily tote it around anywhere I go.  I attach the back straps together and literally carry it like a purse.  It's become the latest special needs fashion accessory.  Who needs a Louis Vuitton designer bag when you have a GoTo Seat?  And besides lime green is totally all about summer fashion!  Hands down makes me the hottest mom on the block.  With all seriousness though, it's really easy to carry around.  And comfortable for me to have it over my shoulder. Sometimes I wish it had a bag to preserve it's cleanliness, but so far I've been fortunate that even when I store it or travel with it in the car I make sure to put it under Noah's feet because he refuses to travel with shoes and I know he won't get it dirty. 
Traveling with the GoTo Seat

Easy to carry over your shoulder

The Goto Seat is a highly versatile piece of equipment.  And it's okay that it's not just about our children, it's about making our lives easier too.  Noah grabs and swipes a coloring book while sitting in his GoTo Seat and I watch leisurely sipping on an Arnold Palmer. Thinking these are the days.


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