Monday, October 20, 2014

A Boy and His Dragon

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Noah's dragon harness arrived this week.  It's manufactured by Leckey and is a part of the Leeway line.  I love how Leckey surprises me.  I'll get something and think whoa hold your horses what were you thinking?  This is complex and not going to work out - but in the end I'm pushing the panic button too fast and it turns out to be awesome!  

First I have to admit giving me hardware and require me to use tools and I'll be slightly intimidated.  Thank goodness for Noah's daddy who adores tools and knew exactly the tool we needed to attach it.  So that eased that concern.  But I was worried about how it latched with the clips hidden in the inside of the harness.  Kind of smart, but I was worried it would be a challenge to clip it on and off.  But that too proved to be of little concern.

I also was unsure of the back straps.  You adjust the straps with a pressure clip in the back.  Which reminded me of one of Noah's Fisher Price highchair models that he had as a baby.   It mounts differently than his current harness, so we are able to still use both, should one be in the laundry we can still use the other one.  And I really liked that option.  The harness is incredibly supportive and made really well.  It comes up great around the neck and trunk.  Fabulous support.

When we made the decision to pursue this harness for Noah I didn't really consider how adorable it was.  As a special needs parent, I am so conditioned to think about something being practical and needed before I even think is it cute?  Cute always takes a backseat.   This is the first piece of equipment that feels fun... that feels child-like.  That says I'm a cute little boy with a dragon that happens to sit in a big-boy special chair... not the handicapped child in boring, non-happy chair. 

Leckey is distributing this product through Ottobock in the USA. You can contact your local Ottobock representative or DME provider for more information on how to order.

I love this new direction and trend of going in a fun, playful direction with special needs equipment.  It adds personality and character.  I didn't realize how much I enjoy having something cute for Noah.   I was so conditioned to this is all there is... black, silver, greys... boring.  But hey it's functional doesn't matter if it's not cute.  But I'm finding the cute factor matters too.  Reminded me that my Noah is a little boy first and his disability comes second.  And I hope others see him that way too, the little boy and his dragon...


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