Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Grateful Heart

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I can't count lots of things that go wrong in a day.  So much so, it often requires more than two hands to count.  But there is always that one thing.  Just one thing that is a blessing.  Sometimes I have to dig deep to find it, while other times it is like a sunbeam shinning down upon it encouraging me to shift my focus.   When I often feel on the verge of losing all hope, something incredible happens that pulls me back and reminds me of those words "never say never."

I've tried for over a year to obtain a very specialized bath seat for Noah that existed only in the UK.  The impossible mission.  I was really hopeful after obtaining the PPod that the same company would be willing to ship me this bath seat, but shortly after Noah's PPod shipped they stopped all US distributions of any kind.   This is a common problem, that many US families face.  You know the good stuff exists, but you can't get your hands on it.  But I could never stop focusing all of my positive energy on it.  I was always thinking about it.  I stalked pictures of  it on the internet, sometimes praying as I looked at pictures of it, sometimes with a heavy heart, sometimes trying to out-think the fact that it existed only in a completely different country.   I knew without question, with complete certainty - special needs mother's intuition that was the bath seat Noah needed. 

Every mesh dime sized bruise I'd see on Noah's bum from the bath seat he had, hearing him bang against the metal bar with his high tone, watching his body always flail to the left compromising the health of his hips and safety in the water... I just knew that he needed this bath seat.

A loving friend from across the pond made the incredibly loving decision to assist.  Another special needs family extended an offer to help me find a way to have it shipped here, reminding me "where there is a will, there is a way."   I know it must have been a lot of work, shipping between countries is isn't all cupcakes, and customs is a challenge to say the least.   But it didn't matter to this family, they were giving me the biggest long distance hug and support you could ever dream of.   Giving of their valuable time, to even hunt down a large box and a shipping company.   Some boughs of kindness are so big you don't know how you could ever repay them, other than to do your best to be there if anyone should ever call upon me in the same way.

In true special needs parent style, this amazing box filled with the best bath seat on earth with a large protective sign on top. Warning the delivery person to be extra careful because it was very important and for a disabled child.   Special needs parents are really good at taking good care of things - especially precious equipment.

I think the delivery man was actually relieved to hand it to me, he seemed rather frightened of the box's warning.   And carried it with two hands setting it down gently in the entryway.   It very well was the most well treated package I've ever received.   I still held my breath, praying it would be everything I dreamed for Noah and more.  And it was.

Carefully wrapped in plastic with care instructions I knew before I even placed him in it.   A blessing had been born. 

Noah fit perfectly in an estimated size,  his body snuggled and cradled exactly how it should be.  Safe, secure, sound and ready for a bath.  This bath seat had no drawbacks.   My first thought was why isn't there anything like this here?   Every child with a severe disability like Noah's deserves a chance to have a bath seat like this.   If we were in the UK, they would be custom molded, but even with a generic sized mold, it's fantastic.  It keeps Noah's legs separated perfectly, and he's comfortable and happy.  Things I live for.


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