Thursday, March 5, 2015

You Have Been Touched By Cerebral Palsy

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It's March.  The month of Cerebral Palsy Awareness.  You would think that various conditions don't need awareness, but we are so far off as a collective society from tolerance of understanding of not just cerebral palsy but those living with and who love those who have special needs.

I shouldn't have to be in a check out lane in a store and have a cashier ask me "What's wrong with him?" and when I answered with Noah's diagnosis was scolded in front of a line of other people because she believed they made a vaccine for what Noah has and I was an irresponsible parent that caused his illness.

Yes, awareness is certainly needed.

If you've come to read this blog you may not even realize it but your life has been touched by a little boy who has a severe form of Cerebral Palsy.   Noah's life and his story have inevitably had an impact on you.

Whether that means you hold your children tighter because you are thankful that they were spared a life altering affliction, or made you more aware of medical negligence while you are someone you knew was expecting a baby.
Some of you may have learned from Noah's story some of our pain so you knew how to interact with children like ours so you didn't view them as not offering the world any significant value or being too broken to love.

Maybe you found Noah's story because you were looking for comfort and advice and something inspirational because you are a family just like ours and you know the bittersweet journey and wanted to connect with us.

Or you feel led - almost as if divine intervention showed  you the way to Noah's blog because you knew a little boy named Noah needed your prayers and your well wishes, and his family continues to struggle and needs all the support they can find or because you know Miracles do exist and you love following the story of a little boy that has defied all odds and is still here with us today.

It doesn't matter how you found us, or why you are here because your life has been touched by Noah.  A little boy with Cerebral Palsy.

His life matters.  And he has so much to teach the world about being gentle, kind, loving and most of all understanding of things that are simply beyond our control.   His diagnosis isn't contagious, but his laughter and beautiful spirit is.  It takes him less than a handful of seconds to melt your heart with his crystal blue eyes.  He offers you a silent lesson in unconditional love.   He is not to be feared, his wheelchair isn't as scary as it looks, and he yearns to be included just as much as his family caring for him.

We are a voice of Cerebral Palsy.  A condition that effects over 17 million people worldwide.  A number I believe that can be significantly decreased with awareness and more adequate medical professional training to reduce what is happening to so many children - a completely avoidable birth injury for  so many.   I would like to believe there is a reason that our lives were effected by this life-altering tragic set of events causing Noah to have Cerebral Palsy, that somehow God, or whatever you believe in - the powers that be - knew I would be that strong voice to try to make positive changes to ensure that others didn't have to follow in our footsteps.

Without Awareness Nothing Can Change


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