Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015: The Gift of Inspiration

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The sacrifices of Special Needs Dad isn’t always seen. It’s the stillness of a stoic heart as he sits in an armchair listening to each breath his child takes on a baby monitor. He encompasses courage that camouflages fear, uncertainty, and exhaustion. Forced to re-design hopes and dreams that once existed and transforming them into new dreams for his child. A Special Needs Father’s actions become a language of love. Protection and devotion beyond all measure. He stands as tall as the strongest tree facing the worst windstorm, allowing all family members to seek shelter in his strong branches. Walking with undiminished integrity. He sees no burdens in specialized care, or understanding that he may be diapering his child into adult years, or communicating only through smiles and subtle verbal sounds.

Noah and DaddyA father that takes on understanding that his child is perfect, unique and incredible – a life’s blessing even when society may only see the imperfections of a child that they cannot label “normal” or “typical.” Faithfulness, hope and devotion running through his veins like the fluid keeping him on his feet. Incredible beyond all measure, with a greatness that often is under-appreciated and goes quietly unnoticed like the calm of gentle ripples on a river. A father who is so grateful for the blessing and gift of his child’s life he celebrates each moment he has. A special bond between a father a child with special needs – surviving and thriving together.

He puts all needs before his own – a commitment and expression of great love. A sturdy frame able to carry a child unable to walk, patience to embrace a child that needed endless cuddles to soothe and understanding when proper distance and space was necessary to assist with sensory challenges are all qualities that come naturally and without a given thought. A father that has endless endurance to push heavy wheelchairs up hills, and down mountainsides so his child can enjoy a gentle breeze and feel the whispers of nature. Purposeful intention to create adventure and playful spirit into the life of his child with special needs, with the goal of making life feel fun and normal.

Adoring eyes that offer reassurance that he will always be there, through all the joys, pains and challenges that life has to offer. An unwavering promise that he’ll hold his child’s hand through all of it and that they’ll be this incredible team. A father who rises up to any challenge without complaint in order to make his child feel like all the best things in this world are within reach.

He craves no recognition or attention for his loving ways and incredible parental care. Instead his reward comes from knowing the enormous impact he has on a life often so fragile and delicate that it needs extra tenderness to grow and thrive. He has an unspoken understanding that the role he plays in the life of his child with special needs and knows that he has profound perspective on what truly matters in life. His love knows no limits, no bounds, no end.

Thank you for being the greatest gift to a child with special needs.

Happy Father’s Day.

This first appeared as a guest blog I had written for Easystand for Father's Day 2015.

Today, Chris, Noah & Luke enjoyed the day in the comforts of our own home.  Enjoying laughter and love on a beautifully sunny day.  The three of them sitting on a bench together.  I watched from the kitchen window admiring the beauty of the gift they all are to each other.  Ending their day together by sharing in a favorite treat of ice cream cake.


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