Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noah's First Big Storm

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Noah went to the doctor on Monday because Chris and I had been worried about his lack of appetite and his arching during bottle feedings. We suspected tummy problems. We seen a different doctor this time and she was what I'd call your typical "book doctor" she was black and white, not as friendly as I tend to gravitate towards, curt, short and to "her point". She asked strange questions that didn't relate to Noah's condition prior or otherwise. Noah hasn't gained much weight in a month, only 4 ounces which was troublesome to me, but didn't seem to worry the doctor at all.

She said she thought Noah had problems with moving his entire left side, something that no one has ever mentioned until now and something Chris and I have never noticed. He equally moves both sides, and isn't stiffer on one side than the other. So she asks me what side of damage he has, and I say both and she says "see thought so." Almost like she was trying to make an expert point. She also thinks that Noah's car seat issues stem from sensory issues which may or may not be true. I know some babies with injuries similar to Noah do have sensory problems, while I've had others tell me their babies without injuries have problems with car seats as well. Regardless Noah hates his car seat and continues to make himself sick, which required me asking my mother to accompany us to the doctor's office since Chris could not get off work to go. Someone has to work on keeping Noah as calm as possible during the drive. Something that is a very hard job. And something Chris and I are only willing to do for doctors appointments. Putting Noah in a car seat is pure torture for him.

She looked Noah over fairly quickly and labeled him as having a virus since his nose was a little stuffy at the time. She didn't really address the stomach concerns or the arching at all, and said consult the neurologist on Thursday.

It was one of those doctor visits leaving you feel like you kind of wasted a trip and didn't come home any wiser or better off then when you left. And of course it made me feel bad the entire night. I stewed way more than the doctor deserved credit for. Again she's just one opinion and I have to remind myself God has already made Noah's life amazing. And there is no one that can tell me that Noah won't walk or talk. No one knows that. And I have to keep praying that he will.

I'm hoping the neurology appointment goes better. We'll be seeing a different neurologist this time at the Broomfield location. I hope she's nice, and more friendly than this last doctor was. Noah's therapy request has also been resubmitted but again it's a waiting game with Medicaid and Children's Hospital warned me it could very well come back again denied, that it takes a long while to get approval because they do everything they can to avoid saying yes. Which is sad, because Noah could really benefit from therapy. So Chris and I continue to do as much as we can for him on our own.

Noah also experienced his very first bad hail storm of his life. The yard is a total loss, it created even more window damage for us, and although a portion of the neighbor's tree landed in our yard, it thankfully missed hitting the house. The ironic thing is Noah slept through the entire ordeal from start to finish. I ran upstairs in a panic, flipped on his light, grabbed his peaceful little body and ran down three flights of stairs to the basement all while he continued dreaming. And after it was over I just placed him back in his crib and he cuddled up like nothing ever happened. I don't understand how he can't sleep through a fireworks display out front, but can sleep so hard through one of the loudest storms we've had in years.

If you happen to think of Noah in the next couple of days can you please say a little prayer that his neurology appointment goes wonderfully and that the car ride there will be easy for him.

Stacy, Chris & Noah