Friday, July 3, 2009

Noah's Benefit Concert

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Noah's Benefit Concert was simply amazing. A year ago I never imagined that our lives would be filled with so many people who loved us. My sweet dear friends, Heather and Joey put so much hard work and love into the concert. They designed a very special scrapbook for signatures, pictures and memories of the event. So many people donated their talents and time. So many beautiful things that people gave for the silent auction. The most amazing jewelry from a very special friend who lives out of state just for the auction. And businesses like Outback and The Wave also contributed items for the silent auction. There were cookies, goodies and sweets, with prayers for Noah.

In all honesty I probably spent much of the night quietly crying with this overwhelming feeling of love. The music was breath-taking and so inspirational. Noah had the best time. He remained pretty delightful the entire evening from about 6:30pm to 9:30pm with only some mild squawking because he was hungry and I forgot and extra bottle. So his great dad rushed home in the middle of the concert to save the day, so the star of the show would be happy. It was so nice to put faces with the names that have been so loving and encouraging. It was the most wonderful night. The two music groups for Noah were super incredible. The members of WIP were so kind and their music was so much fun. And Megan Isaacson, is a voice from heaven. My sweet friend Heather also lending her vocal talents to assist Megan. It was such a special day. Megan Isaacson said it all to well, sometimes there are no words, but it makes the world of difference when some is just holding your hand through it all. You all are holding my hands and wrapping us in loving, embracing hugs. We will forever and always be so very thankful for all of you that helped us so very much. We've had many requests to be able to send a donation from those that were unable to attend Noah's benefit concert so a special account designed for all of Noah's uninsured medical needs has been established.

We have also set up a new website so that donations can also be made directly online. We'll still be maintaining his CaringBridge website as well because we love that everyone can sign his guestbook and we plan to order a book eventually of all of the postings. The new site allows for more pictures, video, and information, and an option to donate directly to Noah's account. Checks can now also be made out in Noah's name. Donations can be made in person at any Firstbank of Colorado location by giving with the following information:

Noah Warden
Custodian: Stacy Warden

There are no words to tell you how much you've made a difference in Noah's life. There are so many uninsured medical expenses even on Medicaid ranging from therapeutic toys and equipment, to medical procedures and treatment that are not covered. In an attempt to make Noah's journey more accessible there is no longer a password required for entry on Caringbridge and again you can visit Noah on either site. The only difference being that donations can be made directly to Noah on the new site with additional pictures and video of

Noah. Please check in on Noah at either:

Thank you all so very much for helping Noah. God bless all of you, I could never truly express what this all has meant to us.

With love,
Stacy, Chris & Noah