Monday, July 27, 2009

Noah's Nights

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Noah's arching during feeding has greatly improved and we haven't had to use the medication that was prescribed not even once yet. We're hoping the change in my diet, along with changing his baby food routine is helping in fixing his tummy problems. Noah however continues the "Noah Arching" which he does when he feels like it. Something that we still very much hope he will outgrow.

It appears that once again it was a little premature for me to celebrate any kind of good news on the therapy front. Centura Health has indeed blocked Children's with yet another request for therapy. I've left message after message for them, and when I finally did get a live person they said they'd look into it. They seemed very casual about it, and honestly I don't expect results. We also received a bill for $1575 today for therapy that Centura Health decided to bill Kaiser for rather than Medicaid. Kaiser of course denied it, so Centura says I owe it. Every day I wonder how possible is it that this is daily life for me? It's like living the same day over and over.

I am a little worried about Noah's skills. He used to be able to roll from his tummy to his back but no longer seems to be able to. He used to know how to do that. It used to be getting to his tummy was hard because he wouldn't bring his hand up to roll completely over and now it appears he either doesn't want to or can't do either. I continue to try to work with him the best I know how although I know that he genuinely needs physical and occupational therapy to help his brain direct the things that are not coming natural to him. I still can't get him to sit independently, and I worry that he's just falling further and further behind babies of his age.

Noah is also back to the wake up every hour or every other hour in the night. I have no idea why. Most of the time he wants to eat, other times he thinks it's happy hour, literally and wants to laugh and giggle at me at midnight, other times he's upset and who knows what's wrong. I just wish so badly that he'd sleep through the night or even for a four hour block. I have no idea if his sleeping problems are related his diagnosis or if he's just being the average typical, difficult sleeping baby. But every day is simply exhausting for me. I would just love nothing more than for Noah to sprout into an easy baby.

Stacy, Chris & Noah