Saturday, December 19, 2009

Noah and the Wingbo Swing

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Five days before Noah's first birthday and he meets a milestone! Granted it's not sitting, crawling or walking, but just as wonderful to us. Noah slept through the night. He slept from 8:45pm to 6:30am. We are excited. It's been a long time waiting for that first night of sleep.
Noah has also become a little less dependent on me in the last few weeks. Part of me is a little sad that I'm not as needed as before, and a part of me is proud that he's growing into himself. He will now play very happily in his highchair with a variety of toys on the tray for long periods of time. He grasps them with both hands. Granted he cannot get them to his mouth, but he plays just as any other baby would with them, using open hands and fiddling with them.
Chris said that he got Noah to repeat mama twice, but I have yet to catch it. He's also trying very hard to put weight bearing on one arm while sitting to reach for another toy.
His grandma got him the Wingbo swing for an early Christmas present. I babble off a million therapy gadgets in a day and she picked one that I had mentioned. It's helped him tremendously with tummy time. We were worried he might arch out of it, but the way it's designed is great for babies like Noah, he can't arch and and it has a great belly band that wraps around for extra security. He's learned in just a short two weeks how to put pressure on his elbows and lift his head. He's now even willing to do it on the floor. He still doesn't have a desire to try to crawl or move his arms, but it's great just to see him in a natural position. I think it's also building his confidence. I've seen him be more excited to try.
Chris and I have also implemented an award system. It's actually a form of bribery really, but Noah would do just about anything for his organic-dye-free candy canes that we got him online at We coax him to roll over or scoot closer by flashing those pretty little candy canes his way. Hopefully he'll even want them bad enough to grab a hold and get them to his mouth himself eventually.
We remain very excited for Noah's first birthday and first Christmas at home. I really don't want the season to end. We're having such a happy time in our lives just enjoying each other and the moments we're sharing. It is such a gift to have him, to hold him, to love him.
I've attached some picture of Noah on his Wingbo Swing. Eventually our home will look like a therapy gym, I knew there was a reason I thought I needed all this square footage.
Stacy, Chris & Noah