Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Noah's First Thanksgiving

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Noah had a great first Thanksgiving. He slept in until 8am, of course still waking up every two hours, but usually he calls it quits around 6:30, and was tremendously happy all day long. He loved hanging out with his daddy while I cooked us dinner for the three of us.
Noah ate a jar and a half of organic apples,turkey and cranberries, then had squished jelled cranberries, and candied yams on top of that. He was still eating when we had finished. I don't know where he puts all this food in his little body. He loves to eat. For desert I put peach pie in a munchkin net holder and let him go at that. I of course had to hold it for him, but he loved it. I'm so thankful that he can eat, even if he's not feeding himself it's just wonderful to watch him try to learn to chew. I'm sure it would help if some more teeth sprouted for him. He only has the bottom two and they're not even half way up yet.
Friday evening Noah sprouted his first sniffle and drippy nose. I had hoped that it was just temporary from maybe being out for a brief moment to look at his Noah's Ark Inflatable Christmas gadget in the front yard, but it indeed has turned into a minor cold. Thankfully though it's not the type of cold that would cause a fever or cause Noah a large amount of stress that could result in a seizure. So even though he's a little stuffy, we've still dodged a very severe cold and potential scary event. And at least we realized that we have a ear thermometer that is worthless out of it. I'd love to get a fancy accurate thermometer that goes across the forehead - a luxury item. So we've been sticking out a traditional digital thermometer under his arm. His doctors told me today we can only safely get by with that until he's about a year of age, then we'll need something more reliable since every degree of heat for him is crucial in preventing the onset of a seizure.

His sniffles hasn't affected his level of happiness, he's just as happy as ever. I love days when he's all giggles and smiles, it makes me feel like he's happy to be here no matter what limitations he has. Tomorrow is Noah's Santa visit and we're very excited for him. It will be a very special moment. I can only imagine what Noah will babble in Santa's ear.

Stacy, Chris & Noah