Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Noah Goes to the Post Office

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Yesterday Noah and I went to the post office because we had to sign for a package. I didn't expect the line to be quite as big as it was, and worried that Noah was going to throw a fit with the amount of time it was going to take to get through the line. But, just like Noah's style he loves to pleasantly surprise me, and did nothing but smile and flirt with anyone who'd pay him any attention.

There were some nice ladies that of commented on how cute they thought Noah was and asked how old he was. I always tend to think once I tell someone he's a year old and they take notice and watch his movements that they'll know that something isn't quite right, so I always explain he's a special needs baby. Yet today, I don't think that Noah gave any of those secrets away on his own. He very much presented himself like any other sweet little baby without any type of handicap.

My second grade teacher, Mr. Waddingham was also at the post office in line in front of us. It was so wonderful to talk with him, it had been many years since I last seen him. I have such beautiful memories of all of my grade school teachers. I was so very fortunate to have great people in my life growing up. We briefly reminisced about second grade and all the fun things I remembered. And of course had to tell the nice ladies behind me, that this was my second grade teacher. I mentioned he taught me all that I know, and he replied "all but how to hold a baby." He always had such a great sense of humor. I find comfort in the familiar, especially when my past crosses with my present. Sometimes it gives me a feeling of coming full circle.

Noah's package that awaited us at the post office was quite special. It came all the way from Australia from a sweet lady named Meg and her family. You could tell it was packaged with such love. The package included a little note, a family picture, a birthday card, and christmas card, and the most adorable ornament with a kola bear hugging a candy cane. I loved it, and Noah did too as I read him each card twice. He winked at me at the very end like he completely understood everything and wanted me to continue on. I think he rather loves hearing about himself.

Noah sat today briefly unassisted, maybe only twenty seconds if that, but he had weight on both arms with one leg relaxed and tucked and socialized with the dogs through the baby gate. I think the distraction of the dogs took his mind off the fact that he was working hard and really sitting all on his own. The dogs and Noah have a special connection anyway. They talk to each other and I'd swear that Noah knows dog language. He especially loves it when they kiss his hands. Brystal, who I've always called our little healer besides super sneaky, knows exactly where Noah's weaknesses are and I think she is encouraging him even if it means she looses a fist full of hair when he latches on to her back. Hollie is simply the entertainer. She wants nothing more than for Noah to throw her a frisbee or toss her a ball. She looks to egg Noah on, like if I ram you enough with my nose you'll try.

Noah's hardware for his platform swing arrived today, but the swing itself is on back order according to the invoice. It didn't give an expected estimated arrival date, but we are so excited that it's coming soon.

"Belief is truth held in the mind; faith is a fire in the heart."
Joseph Fort Newton

Stacy, Chris & Noah