Monday, March 8, 2010

My Future Is so Bright

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Noah had a great week. He is just such a huge joy to be with everyday. He is just blossoming into the happiest little baby and is such great company. We made it out to a few places for shopping and stroller rides this week. I've been treasuring my little starbucks card like a golden ticket to a little piece of heaven and pulled it out for a treat on a sunny day. He was an absolute little doll everywhere we went. He just loves to flirt and bat his eyes at anyone that talks to him.

I would say most people don't even detect that Noah is different when he's in his stroller. They make comments like oh, I bet he'd love to just get up and walk, or I bet he's just talking up a storm. I took the week off from explaining that Noah has a brain injury and just let people think what they may, without actually disclosing the truth. Really it was kind of refreshing. It was simply our secret that Noah can't do those things. And I enjoyed that he was getting attention for the right reasons (because he's just a cute little guy) rather than because people were feeling sorry for our circumstances or having a curiosity about his medical diagnosis. We camouflaged and blended in, just for a few days everyone thought we weren't any different.

Chris and I even took Noah out to dinner with us this week, a rare treat for us. Noah loved it. Of course it he takes more travel gear than the average baby, since we have to bring his own high chair in tow for sitting support. He really didn't want any of his own food, so he sampled ranch dressing, ketchup and we ordered him his own very over-priced cheesecake, which he thought was the next best thing to pumpkin pie.

Noah has also taking a liking to Boulder Organic Ice Creams, which is great that he'll eat things that are both warm and cold. He is processing different tastes and textures better, although he's still very far off from being able to eat probably like other babies his age do. But we have full confidence that he'll eventually get the hang of everything in that department as well. It will just be slow for him like most things are.

Chris and I continue to hear about such inspiring stories, which continues to give us hope each and everyday that Noah does have a chance at beating the odds against him. Today was the first time Noah rolled over from his tummy to his back completely on his own. Unfortunately I didn't get to witness the great event, but Noah's daddy did. He's trying so hard to build some great bridges. Granted he's not sitting, crawling, walking or talking, but these stepping stones are going to get him to the next step. And we couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments.

Noah continues to blaze his own path. I took a picture of him with his sunglasses on. His future is so bright he has to wear shades.

Stacy, Chris & Noah