Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where is Noah's Help?

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Yesterday was a very frustrating day for us. Every single day there is a road block in our way. It's very hard to write about and discuss, but I want to believe I can conquer all. Some days my road blocks are minor other days they are like pot holes that do damage to your happy day. I try to stay positive but this process is so exhausting. And I always feel like I have to be on the lookout for that daily freight train coming my way.

Today I received a call from Noah's doctor saying that I couldn't take him to his scheduled appointment on Monday unless I pay in cash because they received a letter from Medicaid saying he is no longer Medicaid eligible. I have no idea where this came from, we've received no notification of any kind, and have no idea why they think he's suddenly not eligible. I spent over 32 minutes on hold with Medicaid because they are experiencing a high volume of calls - I can only imagine why - only to find out that he is still insured through Medicaid and they can't explain why the doctor's office received notification otherwise.

Early intervention of course is denying all my inquiries about helping us financially, they are not responding by emails or returning my phone calls. I'm trying to go about finding help the proper ways through programs and foundations. I hate the idea of trying to do a fundraiser to get Noah what he needs, yet Chris says that we should consider it because we're running out of options. He's knows how strongly I am opposed to the idea, I just feel like that is begging for help. We both feel strongly that Noah is responding well to non-traditional therapy. We feel that it is working for him and we're doing all we can to do to continue to fund it. I spend a large majority of may day trying to sort all these problems out. And this is happening to so many people. In fact I don't hear any family that has similar circumstances saying anything different. We're stuck in a system that won't help us financially, that denies everything we need, that pulls punches behind our backs without notice. And I'm supposed to have faith that some healthcare reform is going to come in a sweep it all up and make it better. Noah doesn't matter to anyone today, what makes me think he'll matter to anyone tomorrow. I want the ability to obtain anything we believe Noah would benefit from without constantly hearing the word "no."

Today Noah has his photo shoot with the Littlest Heroes Project. We are very excited since getting Noah photographed professionally is difficult for us. Hopefully he will be a load of all smiles and laughter. It's so nice that there are people that are so giving of their hearts, time and talent for such beautiful causes.

Please continue to pray that doors will open to help us.

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all." Dale Carnegie

Stacy, Chris & Noah