Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayers go up and Blessings Come Down

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Noah continues to do great each and everyday. He's now able to make attempts to raise his head up while on his tummy while putting weight on his arms. His positioning makes me think that crawling is still very much a possibility for him. From our perspective he's making great progress. Chris and I want his journals to always be a celebration of every single little accomplishment that he finds a way to do. His little "inch-stones."
And with every inch he gets so much closer to the next great big thing. I want you to read his journal and be excited that this little guy is finding a way to do incredible things with the medical community doubting everything. I want him to give you hope for every parent that faces similar challenges, I want him to restore your faith in all things are possible, I want him to send the message out loud and clear NEVER GIVE UP HOPE - on anything in your life.
Noah has sprouted one more bottom tooth, that makes a total of five now, and even those five aren't all the way in place yet. We visited his physical and occupational therapist last week for a check-in, and they gave us some neat new gadgets, a cup that makes flow slower, since Noah much prefers to drink from regular glasses than sippee cups, and some chewy teethers, to my surprise he really likes the little teether and is making awesome chewing movements to me - I think he just needs some more teeth and he'll get the chewing mastered.

Noah's verbal skills are also increasing. He continues to talk to the vacuum and shop vac with such a passion, he also carries on his own personal conversations with the dogs, and they may understand him as they sit patiently with such intent next to him until he's done telling them all he needs to. The both of them have been wonderful companions for Noah. I knew there was a reason we had a dog that liked to bring her toys to you to play and if you don't play she'll just continue to bring you her entire toy box and make a nest, and another that had such wonderful motherly instincts.
I went shopping the other day and found these great books that another little boy was using when he first learned to talk. When I got to the cashier she made the comment "Oh someone is learning to talk," I nodded in agreement because we fully believe Noah will one day talk, even though our skeptics say otherwise. Noah loves the books, he especially loves books that talk, have music to them, light up. And I can see very clearly that he understands everything. So it's just a matter of time before he decides to demonstrate to us all that he knows.

We're getting excited for Noah's second Easter. We love celebrating the holidays with Noah. From what the Easter Bunny reports Noah will be getting two Easter Baskets this year filled with goodies because there were too many baskets that looked perfect for him. We haven't found any great coloring kits for his Easter eggs yet. So it might be the good old shrink wrap left over from years previous.

Thank you for leaving such sweet messages in Noah's caringbridge guestbook and blog site, it's always so wonderful to know is still touching many hearts.

"Prayers go up and blessings come down."
Yiddish Proverb

Stacy, Chris & Noah