Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grocery Challenges

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Noah's little red face from rolling

Noah is continuing to roll on his tummy quite frequently. I can always tell when he's done it because his voice changes. I always give him a while on his tummy to see if he'll flip back over on his own before I rescue him. His face is quite raw these days from flipping over and having his face still planted on the ground. Even if I put him on the softest blanket I have it still rubs. I'd love to get him a big therapy soft mat to be on, but with anything they are expensive and it's not like insurance is going to do me any favors.

Noah and I ventured out to the store for a handful of on-sale groceries yesterday. It should have been a slightly easier trip than it actually turned out to be, but Noah refused his stroller - something he does occasionally when he simply wants me to hold him and tote him around. So my only alternative was to try to put him into a grocery cart - something that is still by no means easy - especially when I'm by myself with a little floppy body. I have to drive the cart with one hand, while the other holds his head and tries to balance. Sometimes I have to push the cart with my legs so I can both balance him and his head. Then pulling things off a shelf or picking things up to put into the cart is very tricky. It's quite a trick to do a simple task like put a lemon into a plastic grocery produce bag using only two fingers to both tear the bag from it's holder and place the lemon in it and bounce it into the cart. Although I should be quite amazed with my new talents I realize that to many people I look quite strange in the store. They can't figure out exactly what my problem is. And you hate to put a sign on your back advertising you have to have both hands on this little baby at all times.

Fortunately the staff at the store was incredible. I am always amazed how even in my most difficult challenging moments that God places all the right people I need to help me. A nice lady stocking yogurt helped me with my milk, as she gave me a good hope story about how she sees a few moms with babies like mine in the store and smiles and says that a balloon will be waiting for Noah when we check-out, or the nice-checker who loaded my entire basket onto the belt, because I had no hands to do so myself and kindly says my mom did foster care, I know what it is like to care for babies with challenges. Even another worker who said she used to be a pediatric nurse and cared for a 27 week old premature baby that was never supposed to live and she now hears from him as a sophomore in college and he's doing beautifully as she whispers to me "never say never." As she whispered those words a light breeze much like a gentle chill climbed up one arm as if someone was holding it. I remembered my great aunt at that moment saying to me "never say never" as I would always protest I was never going to get married or have kids because I had a plan for my life. I get gentle reminders all the time in all sorts of forms. I just have to listen to the messages that are being sent my way.

If you ever happen to see a mommy like me struggling in a store, never be afraid to ask if you can help, more than likely we'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

Stacy, Chris & Noah