Monday, April 5, 2010

Noah's Second Easter

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Noah is simply doing amazing things in the last few days. He has slept now three days in a row on his tummy on the floor, falling asleep by himself. Something I never thought he'd find comfort enough to do. He's now can roll like a little sausage on the floor - something that is truly amazing to watch. He's very slow at it and only has done it twice, but you can tell he's really trying to figure out what he is doing It's like this big light has gone off for him, and he is understanding. I ask him where the clock, light or his toys are and he'll look in each different direction when I ask him to find each object. We have come so far in such a short amount of time, that we look forward to what the future will hold for him. He's also playing with such intention. He pushes his cars with his fist or hand when we put them close to him, knocks over his stacked blocks while laughing and tries to string his baby guitar.

The days of holding onto all those thoughts of "can't, won't or never" that had been instilled in us are diminishing, we see only possibilities unfolding like beautifully wrapped little gifts. What a beautiful gift that Noah is able to roll on his sides and tummy this Easter weekend. We are overjoyed. Witnessing Noah blossom into a capable child, is the biggest gift of all, this is what Chris and I work for each day. The brain has the potential to learn amazing things, to teach itself new skills every second.

Noah had a wonderful Easter, he loved all of his Easter Baskets. His buddy Bill even stopped by with another little basket at the end of the day. He thought he was the most little special person and played with his third basket after he had an after dinner snack. Noah tried the inside of a deviled egg and either hated the taste or the texture I'm really not sure which. But seemed to love the candied yams and gold pineapple.

Thank you to everyone who sent wishes, prayers and kindness for Easter for Noah. We hold your love close to our hearts. I've posted a video of Noah's second Easter.

Stacy, Chris & Noah