Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gift of Happiness

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"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour."
~Author Unknown

My heart can swell with immeasurable amounts of happiness each day just by being with sweet little Noah. Some days choosing to be happy is a conscious decision, but most days it comes quite naturally on it's own. Noah has been especially happy the last few days too, the sun has peaked out and he's back to enjoying watching nature in the backyard.

Happiness is such a gift. Despite Noah's many challenges he is truly happy, which makes me glow in the inside. He loves life. He finds simple pleasures in playing in beans, laughing at Elmo, giggling at his daddy snuggling against his neck. He doesn't have to be running around or talking up a storm to be happy. He has found the key so many people don't even find as adults. He has found the root of all happiness.

A million books are probably written about how to find Happiness and Joy. But I don't think it's something you can capture and bottle or something you can learn in a book. It's something you have to feel in your soul, within your heart. There are days when I simply don't have the answers that I'm seeking and I suppose if I were to dwell on them long-term my happiness level could take a tremendous and even permanent dive. We may not be in control of every turn our lives may take, but we do have the choice to be happy to find our joy in each day. Everything seems brighter on the horizon if you can just remind yourself to find happiness. Whether that means you jot yourself a reminder note in your blackberry, write "be happy" on your Starbucks cup, or sticky note it to your lunch pail...

And those around you will be much more dramatically happy too. Emotions are one of the most contagious bugs around. Sadness always finds sadness, joy will always find other joy. I've been quite blessed to have some great friends in our lives that are always happy. Sure they have brief moments just like the rest of us, but they are truly wonderful to be around because they are so bubbly and happy. I can't help but always want to be full of smiles with their company. And that is the key to getting through any difficult day. Find the smile, find the happy. Search it out, hunt for it - stalk it if you have to. Many other emotions could be described as "toxic", except for true joy and happiness.

My life as you all know has taken a "detour." I'm on a road that is unmarked, bumpy, with often scary roads without highway guards. It comes with no roadmap, and gas stations that are so far in the distance you have to remind yourself to stock up on extra fuel to get to the next place. When I first started out on this road it was very stormy, but it is summertime now, flowers are blossoming on each side, and happiness is all around me as I travel my detour.