Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple Blessings

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Noah and his Buddy Caleb

Costco Miracle Network Wall

Noah's Miracle Network Story Poster

Noah continues to be just as sweet and darling as ever. His laughter just melts every fiber of my being and I can't help but just feel the purest joy. He's been showing off for his grandma this weekend, sucking on his hand and even a thumb. His grandma has that magic "love touch."
We were able to make it to Coscto today to pick up a handful of things and seen Noah's picture and story on the wall to support The Children's Miracle Network donations. It's so nice to see that Noah's story will encourage others to help children in need. Please donate and receive your Miracle Network balloon. If you don't have a special name for your balloon, please feel free to write in Noah's name. Last year it was so wonderful to walk in and see a wall full of balloons with donations made in his name. I took some pictures of the board at Costco with Noah's story.
Noah is becoming more vocal, still no words, but a whole different set of sounds. I love this little baby bear roar he does when he gets very excited. And the squeals he makes when his daddy nuzzles his face. And of course the conversations he has with Elmo on TV are quite adorable too. I still have hope that all those interesting sounds will one day turn into words.
I went out shopping today and seen the cutest little Noah's Arc child's bench. I wanted to get it, and probably could have afforded it as it was priced reasonably, but I knew Noah could not sit on it, he'd just arch and slide right off it. I was a little sad driving home until I said to myself Noah wouldn't care that he couldn't sit on that bench he's just happy to be here.
He had a great Sunday. Chris and I took him to the mall to meet up with my friend Heather her mother, and boys. To our surprise Noah did fantastic in the stroller. Not a single cry. All smiles and laughter. He really enjoyed Heather's boys. They fascinate him. It was a great time just strolling up and down the mall.
We received our pictures back from Brian Kraft Photography and Foothills Church/MOPS who helped us get family photographs. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a picture of Noah and not get all teary with sincere joy. He is so handsome and beautiful in every way.
"Life holds so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder."
John McLeod
Stacy, Chris & Noah