Friday, July 23, 2010

Noah Goes to Class

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Yesterday Noah and I were invited to sit in on a mommy and me sensory class. It was a lot of fun for Noah, he enjoyed it tremendously. He laughed and smiled at appropriate times, socialized well, and had an interest in everything that was going on. I really feel he understood he was participating. It was reassuring to me to see how aware he seems to be. All of the children were a bit older than him, all mobile and speaking, but it was wonderful to have him so interested in what everyone was doing.

We also did a pool consult today after the mommy and me class. Much to my surprise Noah did quite well. We have a Water Way Babies in-home tub that was given to Noah as a gift. Unfortunately he's terrified of it, and gets so worked up that he attempts to inhale water as he's splashing for freedom. So I anticipated that his warm water therapy consult would not go well. He was a little apprehensive at first, but the therapist agreed he wasn't terrified, just unsure as it was new and by the end of the consult he was letting me dip him waist up without complaint.

We're hoping to get Noah into the sensory classes and warm water therapy in September at the next enrollment date. However, the therapists indicated that Medicaid will not pay for either therapy. So once again we find ourselves on our own paying out of pocket - a familiar feeling for us these days. I'm not exactly sure how we are going to fund this just yet. The therapists recommended I look for scholarships and foundations to help. I will do my best, but sometimes help is hard to come by.

So for now I'm going to take a deep breath and pray God shows me what door to open, and take it from there. We have to just take things a second at a time. I'll do all that I can, and just continue to hope I don't fall short of being able to get Noah all that he needs.

Noah also had a play date today with a sweet little girl by the name of Julia. She also has special needs and it's always so nice to have the two of them get together. We take walks together and went to the park so Noah could try his hugga bebe' in the bucket swings. He had a really good time. Noah loves to study Julia. He is fascinated with her movements, and tender noises - he especially likes her ride equipped with wind mobiles and beads, all attached for her sensory enjoyment. Two sweet little souls on the special needs road going down the path happily in jogging strollers with their caregivers smiling along the way.

"Friendship needs no words..."
-- Dag Hammarskjold.


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