Monday, July 5, 2010

Noah's Second Fourth of July

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Noah in his 4th of July Outfit

Noah's Fourth of July Outfit

Homemade Star-Spangled Triffle

Noah's second Fourth of July was much like his first. We had a low key day, a quiet walk to the lake to watch some rowdy unleashed large dogs frolic in the water, battling over a very large tree branch. It made me a bit uneasy, as you never know a stranger's animals enough to know if they are safe or not around young children so I kept Noah at a distance from the action. Noah loved watching the boats and water skis as the waves gently hit the shoreline. We came home and I made a Star-Spangled triffle, potato salad and homemade creamed corn for our little family bar-b-que.

We had a rough sleeping weekend, as Noah doesn't appreciate the neighbors constantly setting off fireworks. There are days when you wish you could get people to understand how their actions affect others. Days when I wish I could put them in our shoes just for a moment so they knew what it was like to try to calm a screaming upset baby on sensory overload. Sometimes I have that feeling too when I hear parents bragging about how successful their children are, how they'll be president one day, or the next "baby genius." For parents like me our only wish is that our children would just be able to move, talk, live independently. You wish you could just tie them down sometimes and say "hey look, want to trade and be me?"

Human beings by nature are self-absorbed and often times downright selfish. Rarely do others think about how their actions or words affect someone else. I'm sure I could have marched across the street and tried to explain how their fireworks for the last three days for hours on end have created a distraught household for us, only to get the response "so what?" Rarely do people care in that respect, it's not them having to go through it.

I prayed mother nature would just create a downpour to try to curb the action just for even one night. Mother nature listened and brought me a big rainstorm. However it didn't detour the neighbors one bit. Out in the pouring rain they continued to menace little Noah with roaring booms and launching devices. Chris and I took turns trying to soothe little Noah for hours on end, the only thing bringing him comfort was feeing the air conditioning on his feet and listening to K-Love (his favorite radio station). He'd fall asleep only to wake another twenty minutes later and we'd have to start the whole routine over again. Chris of course still being very limited to being able to helping me with Noah could only attempt to soothe him in his crib or on the floor. While I continued to bounce and rock him to the best of my ability.

Noah simply just isn't a fan of the Fourth of July. Although he wore his patriotic colors and cute little Noah's Ark flag outfit to demonstrate he likes Independence Day, just not the fireworks that accompany it. I'd like to believe that our neighbors are out of their firework stock, but I think that's wishful thinking on my part and I suspect I have a few more days of this.

My biggest advice is just take a moment to think about how things you are doing affect someone else. Please keep in mind not to make everything about you. Do something tremendously considerate and remember we all have to share this planet together.

"Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere."
Henry David Thoreau