Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pass it on Baby

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Noah in one of his Pass it on Baby Outfits

Noah received a very special box this week filled with love and help. There is an organization called Pass it on Baby that helps those that need help by finding families to donate gently used clothing to help other families. Most families with special needs children find themselves much like us - struggling financially to obtain all the items that are needed to assist our little ones. When you rub all your pennies together to get equipment or therapy it leaves little room to get the everyday basics.

Noah's little care box arrived with dozens of neatly folded clothing that smelled so fresh and new. The donor had taken a lot care and time wrapping each individual outfit up like a little present before putting it in the box. Noah knew they were for him as I laid each outfit out next to him so he could see.

It is policy that they don't disclose the identity of the donors. We will never know the person who gave such love and assistance, but my hope is they may read about Noah's journey and know how much they've made a difference in our lives by caring so very much about another.

I would encourage anyone who is discarding any children's clothing to contact Pass it on Baby. You too have the potential to brighten up a day, to help another struggling family, to lessen the heavy heart of another mother trying to provide all she can for her children. It is a great reward to know that you've helped give someone a helping hand. Please consider contacting Pass it On Baby today to see how you too can help.

Many have come to our rescue over the last year and a half. Lifting us up when we were falling, offering us a helping hand with no expectations in return, loving us as if we were your own. To all of you including Pass it on Baby, thank you from every ounce of our hearts. You have been such a blessing in our lives.

"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!"
~George Elliston