Wednesday, April 6, 2011

104.4 Happens... and then you Pray

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I knew I couldn't dodge it forever, I wanted to, oh God how I wanted to for safety's sake. The idea of a seizure is beyond terrifying. Noah developed an illness. He didn't look sick, didn't really act sick. But I knew something was wrong when he didn't laugh at the television and acted really lethargic all day. He was hard to wake from a really late nap, which was completely uncharacteristic for him. So I asked Chris to dig out the thermometer out of our hall closet that I stashed way at the top just in case. Sure enough temperature reading of 102.9 at 8:30pm. My stomach sank. These things always seem to happen at night. So off to the hospital we went in the middle of the night. Noah showed no signs of congestion, so I didn't know if this was an infection or what I was up against. They took his temperature when we got there, and it had decreased by mere points. They finally were able to get a normal reading two hours later, and after a strep test, ear check and xrays it was determined that Noah had developed pneumonia. I was surprised because there was no cough to accompany it, but maybe I caught it so quickly there wasn't a cough to go along with it. We were relased of course at almost 2am in the morning, leaving Chris with only a few hours of sleep to function on. Noah's grandma came with us, as we needed all the hands we could get with an ailing Noah. He's getting so big it takes multiple people to hold and pass him off to. My little village of three...Chris, Grandma and I. They couldn't send me home with medication so I of course panic when Noah wakes up this morning with a temperature of a 103. 1 and rises to 104 within twenty minutes. I called Noah's grandma to see if she could find any place that was open to get Advil or Tylenol. And to fill his antibiotic prescription for me as Noah is too sick to leave the house like this. Of course off she went, even though it left her late to work. When something is seriously wrong with Noah it impacts the whole family in big ways. No one really understands, we don't have respite, or a nurse or nanny. We are it. And Noah isn't just a typical child with an illness. This is the first time I truly wish he wasn't non-verbal. Just be able to tell me what is wrong, he doesn't have to say mamma or dadda, just where does it hurt? Where do you not feel well.... I've gotten Noah's fever down to 102.1 for the most part of the morning and then he just spiked suddenly again to 104.4. His primary care physician said that they thought I should take Noah straight back to the hospital and so off we went again, as I called home the troops since they said we could be staying. The thing about ER visits is there is nothing quick about them. You wait and wait and then wait some more. The verdict is still that Noah had pneumonia and that we will alternate tylenol and advil every three hours to attempt to conquer this fever. And of course at the hospital Noah exhibited his first signs of cough. I probably won't sleep for days now as I watch over him praying that God spares him from seizures and allows me to get him well. I wish I could have post-poned this day longer. But you just can't control every little germ on earth no matter how hard you try. And I've tried hard for 27 long months. I've worked so hard to make sure he stayed as healthy as he possibly could. We are very tired, as we've spent more time at the hospital these last two days than we have slept. It's been a rough week for Chris and I. Please pray that Noah will conquer this quickly, and that seizures continue to stay away. He looks and acts so miserable and I just want to see him eating and smiling back at me again very soon. Love, Creative Commons License Noah's Miracle by Stacy Warden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.