Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EazyHold is Essential

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We have been playing around for the last few weeks with a new product that is getting ready to launch called EazyHold.  It is a hand mobility support strap that goes gently across the back of the hand to help any person of any age that has difficulty holding and grasping objects such as spoons, toothbrushes, painting utensils, pens and pencils, toys, and even popsicles and lollipops.  I am super impressed with this product.  It is essential if you have a child like Noah who cannot hold onto objects independently while using his hands.  We've had a lot of fun in fact using it, and it's giving Noah a new sense of independence.

Noah's therapists have even started using EazyHold with him during therapy sessions, and helping him initiate play feeding himself.  Something he gets to see his little brother do on a frequent basis with his toddler kitchen toys.  Sometimes I tend to forget that Noah has a child's imagination just like any other child.  That he can't pretend that he's building a fort using empty gift wrap holders and old sheets, or pretend he's whipping up a morning breakfast and serving his parents with plastic food with tiny tea cups without help, but that his imagination is still there.  I know he'd be pretending he was riding a horse, or playing make-believe if he only physically could. 
Noah using EazyHold with his ez-pz bowl
Noah pretend play eating
I could see a lot of joy in his face, he was having fun when we were pretending to play-eat during therapy.  I seen his imagination hard at work.  Something we couldn't have really done without EazyHold allowing Noah to hold onto objects to accomplish his pretend play.   Noah has pretty high tone and he has a tendency to whip the best of gadgets off his hands flinging them halfway across the room, but EazyHold doesn't come off until we take it off.  No amount of Noah whipping his hands around or waving them about releases EazyHold.  It allows him to play and grasp utensils and hand-held tools without getting frustrated that he cannot adequately hold onto them.

EazyHold comes in many different sizes and in different diameter width depending upon the utensil or tool used, so I was able to use it on myself to see what the sensation felt like.  It is remarkably comfortable.  It's soft gel material makes it flexible and lightweight.  You don't feel like your hand is weighted down, my hand didn't sweat or feel like it was sticky after using it.  After a while I really didn't even notice it was there.  It felt rather natural.   I am loving it.

Noah's little brother Luke also seems to really love EazyHold, and although he doesn't need it, he loves to use it when Noah does and mimic what Noah is doing.  Which to a large degree is really healthy for Noah.  He gets to see that what he is doing is normal and typical and that EazyHold is a natural gadget to use.  So if you have two children you might just need to order double!
Noah's brother, Luke playing with EazyHold

Benefits include:

• Non-slip properties allow product to stay in place when secured to the handle of an implement.
• Highly stretchable, and able to fit and maintain its grip over a wide variety of implements.
• Comfortable, soft, washable and hygienic, they are dishwasher safe.
• They attach to the implement, not the hand.
• Made of one molded piece of food-grade silicone.
• Can be used on either hand.
• Great for people with limited grip strength, limited hand or finger mobility, or even missing fingers.
• Helps prevent utensils and tools from slipping from grasp during use.
• Versatile, and available in numerous sizes to adapt to a variety of hand sizes, tools and utensils.
• They assist in many activities: sporting and aquatic equipment, musical instruments, household and personal hygiene products, garden and cleaning equipment, eating and cooking utensils, paintbrushes and painting equipment, and therapeutic, medical, and rehabilitation purposes.

I think this product is going to make a huge difference to those in the special needs community.  It's brilliant. 

To register for updates when they go on sale visit: EazyHold
This is a purchase you absolutely won't regret. 


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