Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Power of the Peach

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Noah received an invitation to attend Denver's Choose Kind Super Hero Peach Party which we attended last Saturday.  Last year Noah received a very special pair of hand painted shoes from the non-profit organization Peach's Neet Feet.   The founder, Madison Stiner-Atkins (aka Peach), is expanding her beautiful efforts into hosting Peach Parties, a multi-state traveling tour, to bring those in the special needs community together.  A celebration of love and kindness wrapped up in one room. 
The entire family unit is invited, siblings get to engage with other siblings who have the same understanding of what it is like to grow up with a special needs brother or sister.   Parents who have an unspoken appreciation and awareness of the journey we are all traveling gathered together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the beauty of all our children.  And at the heart of it, Madison - a very special woman bringing us all together.  We don't get a lot of invites having the special needs family dynamic that we do.  So we were rather eager to go. 

I always have a strong desire to meet those that make an impact on Noah's life.  A village is an understatement.  I've never forgotten not one person that has entered our lives and made a difference.  Without them I would be lost, and Noah without the love he needs to grow from an often cold and cruel world.  We thrive and grow on kindness that comes our way.   So it's an extra special event when you get a chance to meet some of the very people along the way that have lifted you and your child up.  Those that made us smile, those that reminded us to keep advocating and fighting for what matters, to pursue and never give up on our dreams and believing in Miracles.  And most importantly to remember that we are loved and accepted just the way we are. 
As soon as we entered the room to the party, we were greeted by Madison's mother.   She knew us and Noah by name.   Something I didn't expect.  Something that made me feel like we were so welcomed and wanted.  And it wasn't just Noah's name she knew.  Madison's mother knew each and every child that came through those doors.  We were not just a pair of painted shoes her daughter had given away, it was as if we were family.

Madison was just as lovely as I had imagined her to be.   There isn't an ounce of apprehension about holding or hugging a child with special needs.  She loves them.  Genuinely loves them.  Such a wise and old soul for her tender age you sense an incredible wisdom about her.  Although not yet a mother herself she has adopted all of these children into her heart.  They flock to her as a light that shines bright.  It was fascinating to witness and tremendously inspiring.

Noah and Madison having a serious conversation
The boys were given two special capes that had the words Born to be Awesome on the back.  Noah carried his over his wheelchair, Luke strapping his on immediately to become an instant sibling superhero.  Lots of smiles and excitement followed.

There were endless tables with different activities for children to engage in.  Decorate your own cookie table, balloons, bracelet tables, painting shoes table, paint collages positioned on the floor for easy access for children with limited mobility, sticker tables, painting plastic stained glass art, coloring your own pillowcases... and a very special guest appearance from Cinderella and Batman!
The children were able to decorate their own goodie bags, and gather little toys and trinkets to take home with them.  Something the boys are loving days later. 
Mommy & Luke coloring a pillowcase together
The Peach's Neet Feet Goodie Bag
Ironically I think both Noah and Luke were enchanted with Cinderella.  They sat intently and hung on every word she sang.  How can one not love a princess?  Especially one that stamps your hand with a glitter wand and tells you to pose like a princess for pictures.  She was quite the sweet guest.  I admit I kind of wanted to take her home so she could help me keep the boys happy all weekend long.   I now see why Cinderella is so popular in her Kingdom. 

Batman was cool too.  His superhero poses were fun and entertaining.  And the boys love anyone who will read to them for circle time.  The experience made me want to expand upon my children's very limited experiences.  To make their dreams grow big and strong.  I'm sure someday they'd very much love a place like Disneyland with lots of characters to engage with.  It's tremendously beneficial for Noah who can't walk or run, he requires a lot of visual stimulation which was a perfect element to the Peach Party.  Madison put so much effort into making the best party she could.  She made it a beautiful day for so many families.  Building memories and making new friendships.

If you'd like to learn more about Peach's Neet Feet you can visit their website here.   If a Peach Party comes to your town, I highly recommend the event.  You will have the very best time.

A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine in someone's day.

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