Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend 2015

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I was granted a scholarship to attend Mother's Day Tea this year, something I was excited about as I wouldn't have financially been able to attend otherwise.   I took Chris along this time.  He probably felt a teeny bit out of place amongst mostly women, but he's such an incredibly good sport.   I was hoping I'd see my friend Grace whom I had met at Mother's Day Tea last year.  Two strangers standing in line and we formed a friendship.  I lost touch with Grace over the last year - it's so hard to keep up with regular phone contact when you have a child like Noah.   It's certainly not a because I don't try - it's just easier in my life to correspond via a quick email, than find time to often chat on the phone - and sweet Grace had no access to a computer.  No excuse I know, I had just anticipated that our paths would cross again.   I even gave Chris a picture that we had taken last year so he'd help me look for her, but to no avail she didn't attend this year.   I pray and hope she's okay, and hope to write her a letter to send in the mail. 

This year's theme was Chocolate Therapy.   Ideally I wish it was truly that easy for special needs parents - I'd buy up all the chocolate I could find to easy the daily demands of special needs parenting.  But it was nice to indulge in some sweets - it certainly made Chris' day who likely found the chocolate element the best part of the event.  Yet, I could see it on his face that every mother's story, and every family he seen a mirror of our own lives.   That connection you can only find when you are in a room full of people who walk the same journey as you do.  
Noah's Mommy & Daddy at Mother's Tea
It was neat to see pictures from last year's event projected on a large screen, memories from a year ago.   People that mean so much to me.  I met new friends this year.  I had the pleasure of meeting some really sweet mothers, all with children who have Down Syndrome.  And those children made me smile so big.   So animated and full of sweet character as they performed in the yearly fashion show by the Gap.   They really made the day extra special, it was a true pleasure to meet them and their wonderful mothers. 

This was the first year that Luke verbally wished me "Happy Mother's Day"  the first child to speak the words, although I know Noah has been in his heart telling me that for years.   A handful of posies sit tucked safely in the garage shielded from the second year in a row of Mother's Day snow, and a t-shirt with a card awaited me today.   I invited my own mom to brunch with the family at Bone Fish Grill - a place we've grown to really enjoy for special occasions.   It was very busy, and Noah had literally a five minute wait if that, we thought we could wait outside but Noah thinks that means we're leaving so he screams at the top of his lungs instantly.  And of course stops as soon as he realizes we're being seated.  Much like an off and on switch with his emotions.  

His desert came early - before all of our other meals; creme brulee, decorated with whip cream and three blueberries.  As soon as he seen it he was done with the pureed chicken pot pie that I pureed for him at home and packed to take with us.  A very bad sign since none of us had received our plates, it meant that Noah would finish before we even begun and he demands to leave a restaurant promptly upon finishing regardless of where anyone else is at with their meals.   It's always been since the day he was born a time dance that we do in public places with him.  Sometimes we get it right - sometimes we get the timing very wrong.   Today Chris found himself eating his meal from a box on the ride home in the car.   Luke, equally as patient boxed up his meal, knowing the drill, with zero complaint coming home to finish his mac and cheese from a box at our kitchen table.   None of us holding it against Noah that this is just how he is. 

Might not sound like the most magical of Mother's Days, but it really was.  Because this is the beautiful dance that I do each and everyday.  Balancing the needs of my children before all else.  That's my job, and the perks are the smiles I receive from my two boys when I am able to make their days bright. 

There is a reason that some people think they can do anything.... they listened to their Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day,


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