Saturday, October 24, 2009

Noah is 10 Months Old

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Noah got to celebrate his daddy's birthday Tuesday. Noah loves to participate in singing happy birthday and watching the blowing out of candles. I think he'd love to blow them out himself, and one day I know he will. I can only imagine the wish his daddy made, but I'm sure it was an extra special one. Chris and I will always be making similar wishes probably for the rest of our lives.

Noah is back to finding the weather very unappealing. I don't blame him the wetness limits his options. I've also been unsuccessful in trying to find Noah a used Special Tomato seat. I had contacted an organization called Kids Mobility to see if they could help us get used equipment for him. They said they didn't have anything like that they handle primarily wheelchairs and walkers, not chairs. We are still waiting to hear if we will be able to get help getting Noah a platform swing through Two Angels. They review applications quarterly and indicated they will be reviewing his application in November for a decision in December. I wish I could also find a bath seat for Noah so he could sit up and play in the tub, but since Noah cannot sit yet, a regular bath seat wouldn't work and I'm sure it would be another very expensive special needs item. There are days when I ponder for hours on end, how to accomplish getting Noah everything he needs.

Noah had his physical therapy Wednesday, and we got to see both Beth and Nikki. Beth did his therapy but Nikki was close by so that Noah could watch her. Although he was very droopy, mostly from a nap I cut short and a little mixed with hibernation weather, but he just hung out and was like organized jello. You're thinking what is organized jello? Well it's Noah's stage of being focused yet he's still a bit like how jello jiggles.

His therapy is also doing a Halloween room, with treats and lights. Nothing scary but like a room where the kids can do a mini trick or treat after therapy. It's very cute, and Noah looked at the door with all the caution tape in tremendous curiosity. It was also so nice to get to talk to both Beth and Nikki, they are some of the sweetest people I've ever met. When my day feels like chaos, they help make me feel grounded.

Noah also turned 10 months old this Friday. It's hard to believe that almost one year ago our journey began. As the months go on, I watch other babies his age moving on to their milestones, while Noah is still trying very hard to get there. My mother keeps telling me I'm lucky that Noah will be a baby longer than others because once they become mobile there is nothing stopping them. I try to find comfort in remembering that.

I'm excited that next week we'll get to celebrate Noah's first Halloween. His buddy Bill dropped off some sugar pumpkins for him. I painted them them all up for Noah with nail polish since we didn't have the money for craft paint. I think they turned out adorable, and Noah talks to them every day like they are actual people. I named them: Mr. M, Just Jack, Cinnamon, and Clover. Chris and I are looking forward to carving Noah his very first pumpkin next week. We're building the most beautiful memories as we go.

Stacy, Chris & Noah.